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‘Vegtoons’ –Outreach to Help Animate the World’s Diet!

A Colorful ‘Kickstart’

Holistic Holiday at Sea is proud to support the ‘Vegtoons’ Kickstarter campaign by offering two cruise tickets as perks for donors who contribute $1,500 or more to the campaign. ‘Vegtoons’ is a charmingly delightful animated series whose aim is not only to entertain viewers, but to act as an educational platform. The goal is to spring-board the promotion of a vegetarian lifestyle to the generalized public which happens to be, by and large, primarily comprised of omnivores. With this ubiquitous standard of living in mind, ‘Vegtoons’ offers a gentle and amicable approach in realizing the various misleading presumptions, apprehensions and disputes pertaining to living a vegetarian lifestyle. “‘Vegtoons’ introduces the main reasons for a vegetarian lifestyle, including: improved health; environmental stewardship; sustainable food practices; & animal welfare.”
Topics include the varieties of foods available within the diet, appreciating and maintaining ethical standards, and how to empathetically and compassionately relate and encourage vegetarianism to those around us, especially our family members and friends who may be at first opposed to the very idea of a plant-based diet.
By opening a colorful window into an open-minded dialog about healthy eating, ‘Vegtoons’ will engage the viewer through the varying thematic episodes, designed to appeal to a much specified audience. “Animation appeals to people across a spectrum of age, culture and literacy. While animation is often associated with children’s programming, the ‘Vegtoons’ animated series is geared primarily for an older audience from the ages of 15 through 55.”


Fund the Fun! – Your Donations Matter

The development and production of ‘Vegtoons’ is dependent upon the donations it receives from its supporters. “Our initial funding goal is to raise $16,000 to complete the first episode of ‘Vegtoons’ and the opening intro for the show. For every additional $20,000 we raise, we can complete another episode, with the ultimate goal to raise $200,000 to finish the whole series, all ten episodes.”
The concept and pilot scene for the animated series has already generated favorable clout from powerhouse crusaders within the plant-based dieting community.  With encouraging words like “I hope the ‘Vegtoons’ project is a huge success” from Dr. Neal Barnard, President of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and statements from Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Researcher and author of ‘The China Study,’ commenting “I personally and enthusiastically support this project. We must continue this common effort in the hope that someday the world will awaken to its possibilities,” the full-development of the series seems promising. But this is still fully reliant on your support. The livelihood of the project is reliant on a minimum of $16,000 which needs to be raised by Saturday Sept. 1, 2:00 am EDT. And even with the praise received from the health-community high-rollers, your donations and inspiring words matter most. The Kickstarter ‘Vegtooms’ page is excited by the potential impact of the new programming reaching new audiences, stating: “The ultimate compliments have come from folks who are not vegetarian, but who may be interested to eat more healthfully. They are inspired to eat more veggies and less meat. This is the very purpose and spirit of the show.”