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The Best Vegan and Plant-based Gifts for the Holidays

Looking to spread the vegan cheer this Christmas season? Enjoy these 8 lovely gift ideas in support of healthy, compassionate living.

The holiday season can be fraught with anxiety; questions like “what should I get my sister?” and “how can I stay healthy this time of year?” are common; luckily, finding meaning and balance is easier than you think. Shower your loved ones with the gift of a healthful 2019, with presents ranging from amazing culinary gadgets, to books and magazines, to the best in organic skincare products! Here’s a round-up of our favorites.

1. Cookbooks with Substance

We’re big fans of cookbooks with substance, the ones that delve into the proven benefits of the plant-based diet. They offer short, concise chapters interspersed with delicious, healthy recipes and meal planning tools. The roster of presenters throughout Holistic Holiday at Sea includes several authors of such books; because they’re easy to digest (literally), these books are powerful tools in converting minds and bellies. We highly recommend Rip Esselstyn’s The Engine 2 Diet, which made the The New York Times Best Seller List and was endorsed by famous brands and people alike, including former Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel and Whole Foods Markets. You might couple this present with Rip’s follow-up book, The Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Diet.

2. Vegan, Organic Wine from Frey Vineyards

Indulge in the best. Frey Vineyards offers artisan wines from their Northern California vineyards made in the biodynamic tradition. All of Frey Vineyard’s award-winning wines are organic and vegan. They’re easy to order and will certainly impress the wine mavens on your list!

3. Saladmaster Cooking System

If your gift recipient is excited to prepare more veggie-focused dishes to optimize their health, Saladmaster’s exceptional, stainless steel cookware couldn’t be a better gift. This time-proven, innovative cooking system allows for the creation of incredible, plant-based meals without the use of fats, oil, added water, and without the danger of overheating food. The technology maintains optimal amounts of vitamins and nutrients.

4. Essential Oils from EO

Pure essential oils can be blissful, medicinal, and replace traditional perfumes containing harmful, artificial ingredients. EO has a legacy of crafting the highest quality, plant-based body care products featuring essential oils, and their line includes sanitizers, deodorants, moisturizers, facial products, and perfumes. If you’re shopping for a vegan or a loved one with sensitive skin, you really can’t go wrong with EO’s range of divinely smelling products.

5. Vitamix

There’s no better tool for diving head-first into a healthy, plant-based lifestyle than a Vitamix! From smoothies to soups to sauces, the Vitamix is so much more than a blender; revolutionize your friend or loved one’s kitchen with the gift of the iconic Vitamix!

6. Magazine Subscriptions

Your new and long-time vegan loved ones will be delighted to receive a subscription to magazines Thrive, Origin, Vegetarian Journal, or VegNews! Help them stay on top of their plant-based game, discover new recipes, and share their passion for the vegan lifestyle with this gift!

7. Books, Foods, and Tools in Support of the Macrobiotic Lifestyle

For friends and loved ones intrigued by macrobiotic principles and concepts, we recommend HHAS presenter Jessica Porter’s The Hip Chick’s Guide to Macrobiotics, written with humor, and packed with great information and recipes. Couple the book with a sampling of traditional Japanese macrobiotic foods such as miso, umeboshi, maitake mushrooms, and seaweed. Many healing macrobiotic foods can be found in natural foods stores or ordered directly from Great Eastern Sun, Gold Mine Natural Foods, or Eden Foods. These companies are HHAS partners, and offer healing foods in the Zen Buddhist tradition of macrobiotics.

8. Artisan Body Products

Select safe and natural products that support the vegan lifestyle with some of our favorite and most trusted body care brands. Browse the product lines of Goddess Gardens for a variety of natural sunscreens, check out South of France for exceptional soaps and handwashes, and discover rose water and rose oil based face and body serums, creams, and sprays by Rosense.