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Maximizing Your Health with a Macrobiotic Diet

Success in Simplicity – What Makes Macrobiotics Special
“Adopting the macrobiotic diet takes a great deal of dedication and commitment to a lifestyle that is much bigger than your average diet plan,” says Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD, LD in her article Macrobiotic Diet. These words ring true, especially when compared to the collective current Western diet consisting heavily on processed foods dedicated to meats, dairy, innumerable snack foods and even vegetables, particularly those which are genetically modified. These processed foods, derived from sources of extremely poor quality, have aided in the upward current of various diseases including heart disease and cancer, specifically ubiquitous amongst Americans.
So, what’s the cure to this gradually growing greasy snowball of health instability? A time-honored, consistently confirmed standard of living known as Macrobiotics can utterly change your life.
“A macrobiotic diet isn’t simply a diet plan. It’s a way of life. If you’re drawn to the concept of eating a natural, organic, plant-based diet (with a little fish) and embrace a Zen-like spirituality in both your life and food selections, then a macrobiotic diet may be for you.
Originally from Japan, the principle behind the macrobiotic diet combines tenets of Zen Buddhism with a Western-style vegetarian diet. Much more than a list of recommended foods, it is all about a spiritualism that transcends lifestyle, attitude, and diet practices. The word “macrobiotic” comes from the Greek and essentially means ‘long life’ or ‘great life.’”
Special care is given to the sources, preparation and eating of the judiciously selected foods which make up the Macrobiotic diet. It’s highly encouraged that one purchases their natural, unprocessed food locally and cooks their meals by boiling, steaming and baking. The general basis of the diet includes a heavy emphasis on grains and vegetables, beans, fermented soy, as well as a daily intake of soup with small amounts of nuts, fruits and seeds trailing behind. There is also room for the occasional, and slight, inclusion of fish. All food is to be eaten and chewed slowly and methodically for optimum digestive and nutritional potency.
The general percentage of a typical macrobiotic diet includes:
“- Whole grains, especially brown rice: 50%-60%
– Vegetables (and seaweed): 25%-30%
– Beans: 5%-10%
– Fish, nuts, seeds, fruits, miso soup: 5%-20%
– Soup (made from ingredients above): 1-2 cups/day”

An Affective & Adaptable Diet
Long-term followers of the macrobiotic lifestyle can attest to the depth of value in this life-changing diet. A profound impact can be noticed in the devotee’s health, level of contentment and overall wellbeing once in tune with the rhythmic corporal and spiritual flow as stimulated through their specific régime.
“Eating natural food that is closer to the earth and less processed is healthier for the body and soul. One of the objectives is to become more sensitive to the food you eat and how it affects your life. Ultimately, this awareness will enhance your life and health.”
Simple measures can be taken to personally fine-tune your nutritive and spiritual poise by understanding the significant influence of age, gender, daily and bodily activity, climate and seasonal changes, as well as individual and specific health conditions. These factors make up the sensitive, yet fluid network which prompts complete, healthy unison of self.
Taste of Health Holistic Holiday at Sea is more than a great vegan travel experience, it’s an opportunity to travel and stay healthy while pampering AND educating yourself with current events and trends in the vegan world. On our holistic cruise you will have the opportunity to eat divine meals, make new friends engage with some of the most celebrated personalities of the Vegan Industry. 2013 will mark the 10 year Anniversary of the Holistic Holiday @ Sea and there will be lots of socials, great classes, amazing Caribbean ports and even a few surprises. Learning a new way of living has never been so much fun, so easy and so tasty!

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