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Expand and enrich your yoga and pilates practice with these inspiring classes and lectures from an amazing list of esteemed and beloved teachers. From integrative relaxation classes with Chandrakant Hiester to Deep Yoga with Bhava Ram, you’re sure to find balance, connection, and deep relaxation aboard the Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise. Designed for a variety of skill levels, below is a full list of our offerings for the 2015 cruise. In addition to these classes, several teachers offer one-on-one instruction, workshops, and consultations for additional fees. Click on the links below to find out more.day72872

Classes & Lectures with Chandrakant Hiester 
Lecture: Yoga Nidra – The Zero Stress Zone
Scientific data reveals that stress is at the core of most health issues. Regardless of the cause, the ultimate solution to all stress related dis-ease is learning how to be physically, mentally, and emotionally relaxed. This deep state of relaxation is available to everyone through the simple yet profound Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra. This ancient technique of conscious relaxation extends to the deepest possible levels, dissolving and resolving mental and emotional blocks held unconsciously in subtle energy levels. These trapped energies are then freed to carry out regenerative, self-healing processes through the wisdom of the body’s vital life force.

Lecture: Yoga, the Experience of Indivisible Happiness
Yoga, very simply, means the experience of indivisible happiness. The key to happiness, a sense of ease in all life’s situations, is not found in the flexibility of muscles and joints. The Integrated Amrit Method reveals how to dismantle physical, mental, and emotional reactions on the yoga mat. This direct revelation can then be carried over into every expression of your life. Experience the indivisible evenness of mind that the Amrit Method offers, and transform the quality of your entire life’s expression. This session is appropriate for all levels of interest.

Class: Daily Morning Amrit Yoga Asana Sequence
The Amrit Yoga Asana Sequence is a powerful yoga practice that teaches the practitioner how to connect, step by step, with the original source and purpose of yoga – which is to use physical yoga postures as a vehicle for entering the timeless state of being. The practice combines dynamic postures that fully engage body and mind with deep, meditative stillness – bringing the active and receptive energies in the body into balance. In this class, we will experience the level I Amrit Sequence which is specifically designed to raise the energy level in the body, to develop one-pointedness, and begin the practice of entering the deepest states of meditation while in yoga practice.

Class: Amrit Method Integrative Relaxation
Integrative Relaxation is a guided series of simple techniques that can be done lying on the floor or sitting comfortably in a chair. The combination of these simple techniques facilitates immediate access to the state of complete physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. It is in this deep state of relaxation that the patterns causing stress, anxiety, tension, and fear can be dissolved and resolved. This deeply relaxed state is where new behavior patterns can be shaped and created to bring about the quality of life you have always wanted.

Classes & Lectures with Kiersten Mooney 
Lecture: The Art of Taking Risks, Living Bold, and Being Free
Turn your greatest intentions into reality. Find the bravery to live without resentment, blame, or guilt yet with tremendous kindness for others. A courageous person loves unconditionally while immersed in reality. Love is a limitless well, and no matter what has occurred in your life, now is your time to access a life full of love and forgiveness. In this class, you will take your highest intentions and create concrete action steps to bring them into reality. This call will have you awaken to your truth, tap into your inner wisdom and confidence, and bring out the brilliant qualities of your true essence. Become inspired to live from your heart using self-inquiry and reflection to expand into new levels of freedom.

Lecture: The Art of Living Powerful – The Balance of Action and Non-Action
Being powerful in our life is the dance of balancing what we do and what we choose not to do. Proper work/rest cycles are essential for the physical body to grow and transform as well for our emotional well-being. Most of us are not aware of what really may be draining us. If you are feeling bogged down and have low energy in your everyday life, this class will give you insight into where you need to create balance. Being powerful is the mastery of effort and non-effort, strength and ease, hardness and softness, contraction and expansion, which are the yin and yang, the feminine and masculine of the universe. Tap into powerful universal principles and be lit up!

Class: The Art of Cultivating a Yoga Practice
This interactive class will offer you tools to transform your current practice or give you what you need to begin a practice with a solid foundation. You will learn the fundamentals of the poses that will allow you to deepen your practice as well as gain new insight into your own body. Drop your fears and come ready to explore your playful nature on your mat.

Class: All Levels Yoga Flow
Gain insight into the fundamentals of yoga through a flow that will invigorate your body, mind, and soul. You will be given the appropriate modifications to make this class accessible for your body while challenging your edges. Experience transformation, empowerment, and acceptance within any level of practice.

Class: Slow Flow Yoga & Meditation
This class will guide you deeply inward as you completely surrender into relaxation. Class begins with a slow flow to warm your body, open your joints, and deepen your breath to prepare for mediation. Then we will explore new ways to deepen your meditation practice in a supportive and relaxed environment. Whether you are a beginner or have years of meditating experience, this class will quiet your mind and fill your soul.

Class: Therapeutic Yoga
Therapeutic yoga promotes relaxation and ease in your body and mind through breathing techniques, stretching, strengthening, and balance. Through modifications of each pose, you will learn to work with and beyond any limitations. This practice will help optimize your health and well-being.

Classes and Lectures with Bhava Ram
Lecture: The Guru Is You: Owning Your Power and Living Your Truth
We all have a power deep within us to transform our lives on all levels from which we have been disenfranchised by a fast-paced, stressful culture. Through the ancient teachings of Vedic Science, from which Yoga and Ayurveda arise, this workshop will guide you into a deeper connection with your inner power and provide you with tools for healing body and mind, setting your deepest intention, formulating steps to move towards its fulfillment, and therein transforming your life. You will experience many of the techniques Bhava Ram discovered and formulated through his own healing, including the ancient practice of Pratipaksha Bhavana, altering your inner chemistry to promote healing and self-empowerment. Includes interactive lecture, meditation, breath work, gentle motion, affirmations and visualizations.

Class: Deep Yoga with Bhava Ram
Experience yoga practice as a unification of body, mind, and spirit in a meditative flow with inner mantra and affirmations, pranayama, and a continual cultivation of inner awareness. In Deep Yoga, the mantra stills your mind as your breath moves your body and your consciousness flows into the inner reaches of your heart. Throughout practice, you cultivate positive emotions, release stress, and open to the radiant being within you. Class includes healing asana, gentle flows, pranayama, meditation, affirmation, chanting, and Vedic Healing.

Classes with Bianka Steinfeldt
Class: Pilates Level 1
Incorporating the fundamentals of Pilates, this class follows the classical beginner mat order, created by Joseph Pilates, and is appropriate for all students. We stick to his system—why mess with the best, it has been around for over 88 years! We all know that any real program designed to make a serious change must go straight to the core. This mat Pilates class will teach you the fundamental Pilates work, using your body weight for resistance, as well as the classical language used in this style of Pilates. Your body alignments will improve, thus enhancing breathing, circulation, flexibility, balance, muscle tone, energy, and mental concentration.
Pilates also helps with recovery and prevention of injuries. Letting your mind and body connect with every breath and move.

Class: Pilates Level 1-2
This mat Pilates class will take you into the next level as you explore the art of coordinated body-mind-spirit. It is designed to challenge your “powerhouse”—the center of your body: external obliques, abs, lower back muscles, and gluteus. You will learn new exercises and deepen your understanding of the ones you know. Using the body’s own resistance, a series of movements are performed that are designed to improve circulation, breathing, posture, and body awareness. It will lengthen, strengthen and tone muscles without creating joint stress. Modifications are always provided. If you have practiced Pilates and have accomplished exercises such as 100, Roll Up, and One Leg Circle, jump in and enjoy this challenge.

Class: Pilates – In Balance
In this class, you will learn more about the proper technique of each exercise and Myofascial stretching. Learning how the breath can take you into another level of energy, as well as how just turning the hand or feet can change the whole move into deeper or more distal muscle groups. Myofascial stretching focuses on the fascia, the thin sheath that covers all the muscles and the organs of the body. You may suffer from different injuries that can be acute enough to hinder you on a normal day-to-day basis. Pilates is a key exercise method for helping to improve posture and therefore relieve daily aches and pains.