Enter to Win: Vegan Cruise Photo Contest 2020!

With colorful plant-based dishes and crystal blue waters, the Holistic Holiday at Sea vegan cruise is a photographer’s dream. If you’re going, we want to see your photos! For the fourth year, we’re hosting a #vegancruise photo contest and one lucky winner will receive a $200 onboard credit for the next vegan cruise.

Cruise Photo Contest Entry Directions

Use the hashtag #vegancruise whenever you post your pictures from the cruise on social media. Connecting to the internet can be a little challenging while traveling (plus we want you to really be present for your trip!), so feel free to wait and post once you get home from the cruise.

The deadline to share your photos is March 13, 2020. One winner will be randomly selected and announced on March 23, 2020. They will receive a $200 onboard credit for the 2021 cruise.

Entry Directions for Guests with Private Social Media Accounts

For those with private Facebook accounts, share your best photos on your profile using #vegancruise, and then share them or direct message them to us at Holistic Holiday at Sea – Vegan Cruise. For private Instagram accounts, share your best photos on your profile with #vegancruise and then either email us at photocontest@jbmediagroupllc.com or direct message them to us on our Instagram account: @hhas_vegan_cruise.

Got questions? Message us on Facebook.

Find Inspiration!

Our winner last year was the Instagram account @plantbaseddfw. The account is run by Dr. Riz and Maya, a husband and wife team who are passionate about nutrition. They are plant-based for health, for the animals, and for the planet. Check out their amazing photos from 2019.

Whether it’s a selfie or a shellfie (you will be traveling to beaches, after all), we hope you capture moments that represent your experiences. Here are a few of our favorite Instagram submissions from 2019’s contest.

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“I can’t be vegan in this part of the world”, “not everywhere in the world has access to vegan food” or “veganism is for rich white kids” are among the many excuses people use against them going vegan. ~~ Travelling throughout the Caribbean really confirmed how far from the truth that really is. We visited six different places all in which we did not have to go out of our way in the slightest to find delicious vegan food. Jamaica in particular was a stand out for us. Visiting a third world country and even still we had one of the most delicious and nutrient dense meals ever! By default most people in these countries will already be eating a predominately plant based diet purely out of not being able to afford the luxury of animal products. Yet another excuse that can easily be debunked. There is never a good enough reason to justify the needless cruelty and suffering to an animal for your own personal gain. There really are so many options everywhere you go now, even if those options are whole foods readily available to us by the earth.

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Full of gratitude for our latest vacation with @hhas_vegan_cruise where we got to hang out with and learn from so many amazing vegans including these two beautiful souls @highcarbhannah and @handeeman_. Check out their YouTube and Social Media accounts where they share information about self love, alternative lifestlye tips, book recommendations, health tips, delicious vegan recipes, tiny house and off grid living and more. They have been influential in our transition to veganism and it was through them that we first heard about the cruise! ✌🏽💜 . . . #vegan #hhas #holisticholidayatsea #vegancruise #mscdivinia #handeeman #highcarbhannah #vegancouples #vacation #travel #caribbean #gratitude #blessed #goodvibes

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We look forward to seeing your #vegancruise photos! Happy cruising and happy snapping!