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Swipes Lovin Wipes

Lovin’ Never Needs to be a Labor

Hell hath no fury like a woman ignored, and when it comes to intimate cleanliness, Swipes, Inc., is speaking up boldly, yet thoughtfully clear. Testifying a hygienic solution to those, well, somewhat messy, intimate moments from a woman’s perspective, Swipes offers cleanliness where other options end up making ‘clean-up duty’ a less-than-romantic hassle.
It’s no secret that personal cleanliness is a no-brainer, especially when it comes to sex. Where tissue paper, towels and baby wipes successfully kill the passion, Swipes offer refreshingly simple solution.  Efficiently hygienic, all-natural, entirely biodegradable, septic-safe, compostable and flushable, Swipes covers all bases and intimate places! As safe for you as they are for the environment, and made with pure water, aloe and vitamin E, Swipes are alcohol and chlorine-free, providing gentle cleanliness with a soothing cucumber fragrance, or, for those more subtle opportunities, an unscented option as well.

Free Samples Gifted On Board!
Along with the other special gifts which we’ll be providing our passengers, thoughtfully arranged on your bed will be two Swipes per room on our 10th Anniversary cruise in 2013.
“Necessity, it has been said, is the mother of all invention – and nothing has ever been more necessary than the creation of a wipe designed specifically for adult needs. And, besides, just knowing you have a solution to that age-old problem might just make intimacy happen a little more often.”
That being said, we’re proud to carry Swipes products on our cruise, but rest assured – When the boat starts a’rockin’, we won’t come a’knockin’!
Taste of Health Holistic Holiday at Sea is more than a great vegan travel experience, it’s an opportunity to travel and stay healthy while pampering AND educating yourself with current events and trends in the vegan world. On our holistic cruise you will have the opportunity to eat divine meals, make new friends engage with some of the most celebrated personalities of the Vegan Industry.  2013 will mark the 10 year Anniversary of the Holistic Holiday @ Sea and there will be lots of socials, great classes, amazing Caribbean ports and even a few surprises. Learning a new way of living has never been so much fun, so easy and so tasty!
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