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Are you considering a change you want to implement come January 1? Maybe there’s a food you want to add to your diet, or a supplement you know you should take. Here’s a proposal: don’t wait ‘til the first. Instead of a New Year’s resolution, what about a new moment resolution?

 Why To Begin Your Resolution Today

One reason to start immediately is you’re likely tuned in to the feeling of wanting that change. The desire might not yet have become a big to-do full of thoughts and projections and fears. On his podcast about resolutions last year, upcoming cruise presenter and already ultra-endurance athlete extraordinaire Rich Roll discussed how the process of change is vitally served by living in the present moment. More than the past judgments about flaws, more than the hope for future success, the most potent force for change is tuning in to what you feel in the current moment. As Roll concludes, “You have to go inside, you have to connect with your heart, you have to set aside the idle chatter in your mind.”

Rich Vegan Triathlet

Another advantage of starting today is you can focus on just one resolution instead of the ten other goals you may have in mind when all the transformation talk starts flying come 2014. Focusing on forming one new habit isn’t small; it’s smart. Social psychologist Roy Baumeister’s book Willpower covers his research into self-control that indicates the way our brains manage willpower means making one desired change at a time is the most effective way to rewire habits. The great part is if you commit to working on one thing, you increase your capacity for willpower and will be better able to achieve your next goal when the time comes.

Keys to Achieving Your Resolution Anytime

New Year's Resolutions

Though working with one habit isn’t small, the initial goal for successful change should be. In one of his articles on keys to a successful resolution, our trusted Dr. Barnard suggests maintaining a short-term focus, writing, “follow the ‘one day at a time’ rule until a healthier path becomes established.” Studies by Baumeister and others support Barnard. If the resolution in your head is “include more plants in my diet”, pick one and eat it each day at, say, breakfast.

The specificity of a particular task and time also increases your chances of success. On her blog “The Happiness Project”, Gretchen Rubin opens her list of ways to stick to resolutions by advising readers to “look for a specific, measurable action.” Specificity also makes accountability easier, since you’ll know what evidence you’d need to indicate success.

buddy system

For accountability, try making the resolution a social affair. Since you’re starting now, people won’t object to hearing about yet another resolution! A food-based resolution can be easy to make social, with fun meals shared among friends. But what if you’re ashamed of the resolution, because it’s something you feel you should have already been doing or something you’re worried people will judge you for? We invite you to come ask for an accountability buddy or even someone to make the resolution with you in the Holistic Holiday At Sea Facebook group. We’re eternally impressed with this community’s resolve to eat and live in healthy, mindful ways. Plus they’ve experienced the challenges of that endeavor, so they’re a welcoming crowd. We hope you’ll come share your story.

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