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No matter the holiday you’re celebrating this month, you’re sure to be running around from party to party (or possibly hosting your own!) where your vegan or macrobiotic diet may be put to the test. Sugar, white flour and dairy products like eggs and milk seem to dominate the holiday party ingredient list for most, but there are plenty of options out there to keep your plant-based diet on track.

If you’re hosting a party for a number of people, One Green Planet offers great suggestions for plant-based meals that serve many but don’t take a lot of time. These meals include vegan casseroles, hearty vegetable soups and filling salads that are sure to please all of your guests.

Want to stick to a more traditional holiday menu? Dreena Burton shares recipes for vegan versions of holiday favorites like plant-based “dressing” and vegan “gravy” on her Plant-Powered Kitchen blog.

We all could use more inspiration and motivation to stay healthy this holiday season. Cruise presenter Matt Frazier from No Meat Athlete addresses this very topic on a recent Epic Holiday Extravaganza podcast (including “why holidays with non-vegan family members get easier over time”…so it’s a can’t-miss episode!)

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“Making spirits bright” can apply to holiday vegan cocktails as well, as 2016 cruise presenter Sivan Pardo, the Vegan Woman, shares 10 vegan cocktail recipes to keep you and your guests content.

Finally, our Greens and Grains on the Great Blue Sea Cookbook can come in handy multiple ways this month. Use it to prepare your family meal or give it to a friend who is just beginning their plant-based lifestyle journey.
Happy holidays to all of our plant-based friends out there!