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One of the most enjoyed and sought-after programs of the Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise are the Integrative Relaxation classes. Centered on optimizing your ability to experience blissful relaxation akin to deep, rejuvenating rest, Integrative Relaxation, also known as Yoga Nidra, allows for an emotional release of pain, both internally and externally. Offering intense benefits to your entire consciousness, this simple, easily adaptable tool, once properly learned, can quickly be applied to your daily routine once you’re back at home from your gorgeously luxurious vegan, macrobiotic cruise! By consistently utilizing and applying Integrative Relaxation to your everyday life, you’re initiating a state of comprehensive mental, physical and emotional relaxation that unfetters you from the damaging patterns of anxiety, tension and stress in your life. By combining ‘breath awareness’ with physical relaxation to boost your employment of intention, you will be calmly guided through a series of modest techniques practiced by either simply lying on the floor, or by sitting in a comfortable chair. With careful instruction, you will experience direct access to sound relaxation, a slow release from anxious, stressful mental patterns, constructive pain management and an overall sense of wellbeing. We’re proud to continue to have Chandrakant Hiester on board to guide our guests along the path to a happier, healthier life!

Introducing Chandrakant Hiester
As a senior teacher, as well as a seminar leader for the last seven years at the Amrit Yoga Institution in Salt Springs, Florida, Chandrakant Hiester’s experience and expertise has made him a national and international presence. A psychology graduate of Rutgers University and a well-seasoned specialist of the martial arts, Chandrakant’s passion lays in teaching Amrit Yoga, Amrit Yoga Nidra and various other yoga and stress-reducing practices, as well as preparing and leading professional training programs for those seeking to further the instruction of their wellbeing through yoga. Having studied under our very own Yoga Amrit Desai for over thirty years, Chandrakant has accumulated vast experience, providing him with powerful implementation programs centered on fostering and encouraging beneficial progression in understanding one’s behavioral practices and tuning them towards self-nurturing awareness.
Chandrakant’s involvement with the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health for more than two decades has been occupied in various roles. Acting as executive chef while overseeing the preparation of 500 to 700 vegetarian meals served to guests daily, Chandrakant has also acted as Yogi Desai’s personal chef for over twelve years having been trained to prepare true Indian cuisine from none other than Yogi Desai’s wife, Mataji!
Quiet Your Mind, Quiet Your Pain, and Enjoy Your Cruise!
Every morning Chandrakant leads his ‘Daily Morning Amrit Yoga Asana Sequence’ class, teaching the steps on how to bond with the true source, experience and purpose of yoga to unite with a timeless state of being. As practiced through the implementation of various yoga postures, Chandrakant guides the practitioner through simple poses, instructing how the body can be used as a means of transportation to wellbeing, fully activating the body and mind into stillness. By bringing the both the active and receptive energies of your body into balance, Chandrakant’s classes are designed to specifically tune your personal energy levels into the deepest meditative state possible. The quiet calm of Integrative Relaxation softens and depletes the pain caused from emotional and physical pain, reducing your bodily and mental ‘fight or flight’ response that keeps you on edge. From fear, depression, anxiety, insomnia and even high blood pressure, Chandrakant will teach you how to calm the active energies of your mind and implement serenity, introducing his personalized blend of veteran comprehension and concrete psychology, leading you along your way to an even more enjoyable cruise experience!

Taste of Health Holistic Holiday at Sea is more than a great vegan travel experience, it’s an opportunity to travel and stay healthy while pampering AND educating yourself with current events and trends in the vegan world. On our holistic cruise you will have the opportunity to eat divine meals, make new friends engage with some of the most celebrated personalities of the Vegan Industry. 2013 will mark the 10 year Anniversary of the Holistic Holiday at Sea and there will be tons of socials, great classes, amazing Caribbean ports and even a few surprises. Learning a new way of living has never been so much fun, so easy and so tasty!