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Happy Halloween: Sweet Vegan Treats for the Holiday

Any holiday can be a challenging one when you’re trying to avoid meat or dairy products. Halloween proves to be particularly challenging for those of us adhering to a whole foods, plant-based or a macrobiotic diet. Before you take the little ones (or yourself) Trick or Treating this Halloween, remember that many candies are not vegan and may contain animal by-products, most notably gelatin and marshmallow.

Huffington Post Green has put together an extremely helpful list of non-vegan Halloween candy that you may want to browse before knocking on your neighbors’ doors.

We also recommend the following macrobiotic recipes and products for those striving to be a haven for vegan trick-or-treaters on Halloween:

Mitoku Rice Syrup Candies – From the Kushi store, flavors like lemon, ginger and peppermint are sure to satisfy your macrobiotic sweet tooth. And it gets even sweeter – they’re extremely affordable!

Macrobiotic Crispy Rice Treats – Here’s a recipe from that you can break out all year long. Rice syrup and vanilla extracts help to bring the sweetness to this macrobiotic treat!

Pumpkin Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies – Thanks to the Dainty Pig for introducing us to this macrobiotic cookie recipe. The pumpkin spice gives you that extra punch of fall flavor!

We’ve also compiled some macrobiotic sweet treats on our Holistic Holiday at Sea Pinterest Board for you to enjoy. We’ll continue to update this board and welcome your suggestions on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

In short, don’t get “tricked” into eating animal by-products this Halloween; instead, enjoy these vegan and macrobiotic treats with your friends and loved ones.