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Escape the Cycle of Stress

A life bogged in the redundant mire of stress is a joyous life wasted. Too many of us peek open our eyes in the morning already awaiting a dark cloud, dreading various aspects of the unfolding day! We often get caught up in viewing our duties and responsibilities as burdensome chores rather than embracing them as beneficial challenges. Don’t shorthand yourself from fully blossoming into a conscientious awakening of the body and spirit – Investigate the silver lining with our healthy, vegan-friendly cruise!

Meet your ‘Mindful Meditation’ Mentor

Dr. Sharon Gutterman is offering an antidote to the pressures and psychological, and emotional, erosion from day-to-day stresses and past experiences with her class, “Mindful Meditation.” A motivating and compassionate psychologist, Dr. Gutterman will demonstrate how to utilize meditation to expand and heighten one’s awareness of self, and in doing so obtaining total wellness. Dr. Gutterman’s personal mantra, ‘The quality of care you give others is related to the quality of care you give yourself,’ directly relates to the intuitive value she places on managing stress-reduction and empowering individuals to positively alter their perspectives. Having participated in concerted Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR) professional training under the direction of Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D. and Saki Santorelli, Ed.D., completing the practicum at Center for Mindfulness, University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Dr. Gutterman has taught personal and professional stress reduction and development to physicians at the University of Connecticut, Yale and allied health professionals for over ten years. Dr. Gutterman correspondingly extends her teachings of mindfulness practices at various yoga centers, schools and related retreats.

Practice Makes Peace – Helpful Vegan Travel Experience

Bhante B Leading Guided Meditation on Holistic Holiday at Sea Cruise in 2009

As a globally acknowledged orator on the importance and power of well-being through mindfulness, Dr. Gutterman assimilates the experiences of life with a dedication to learning and spiritual expansion. She offers a distinctive intermingling of integrity through finely acquired knowledge, thoughtfulness and compassion without losing the ability to find humor in life’s workings. While incorporating the practices of sitting and walking meditation, gentle yoga, informative discussions concerning mindful eating and communication, the ‘Mindful Meditation’ class will allow you to experience the benefits of living in the present by calming your mind and opening new neural pathways. In honing your renewed sense of well-being while on our vegan cruise travel adventure, you will heighten your ability to handle stressful anxieties and appreciate life’s day-to-day gifts.

Be at Ease in the Breeze on our Healthy, Vegan Cruise

We’d like to start putting your worries to bed early! If you have never once participated in any form of meditation, or if you incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine, this class will meet you at your specific stage in life, no matter where that point may be. And what better way to totally regenerate your life than by embarking on the Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise! While dining on mindful, conscientious, and not to mention absolutely delicious, vegan and macrobiotic food, your vegan travel adventure allows you to experience progressive new worlds of health awareness through a variety of exciting classes and activities, and you’ll make lasting relationships with your new network of like-minded friends!
Join us on this vegan travel journey!