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It has been exciting to see the progress of Nelson Campbell’s film PlantPure Nation, which profiles the multitude of benefits from adhering to a plant-based diet, since it premiered on our 2015 cruise in March. If you attended our holistic, vegan cruise this year, you know the documentary was met with enormous support from our attendees, and we’re happy to see that feelings were mutual from those who viewed the film during its 23-city nationwide sneak-peek tour. We’re also grateful to those of you who donated to PlantPure Nation’s successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised over $163,000! The funds raised continue to provide the resources critical to bringing this breakthrough documentary to more cities and towns across America. Furthermore, this funding also will enable an innovative social/philanthropic strategy to help launch a grassroots movement around the idea of plant-based nutrition, perhaps the most exciting idea shared by the filmmakers during the cruise.

Saturday, July 4, marks the official release of the film as it will again be screened in each of the 23 cities toured. After that time, PlantPure Nation will continue to roll-out in over 100 cities following the initial release. The national tour continues this summer  with several West Coast screenings. You can continue to help the PlantPure Nation movement by sharing the release of the film across your social networks.

While the time to see the documentary is now, we’re certain Nelson Campbell will share his stories from the film’s impact during his presentations on our 2016 cruise. Visit Nelson Campbell’s biography on our website to learn more about his scheduled presentations for the 2016 cruise.