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Hatha Yoga Instructor
Colleen started hatha yoga in her 20’s because of spinal injuries sustained in a car accident. The pain disappeared when she discovered the Iyengar method of hatha yoga. This style of yoga uses the asana to bring the body back into alignment easing pain. When the body is in alignment the mind begins to become quiet too. A truly body, mind, spirit art. Colleen has traveled numerous times to the Iyengar institute in Pune India to study. Her principle teacher in the US is Patricia Walden. Colleen has mentored and trained numerous yoga teachers in the area. Colleen has a patient and encouraging teaching style combined with a hard work ethic . Along with a sense of fun and lightness to deliver a meaningful class. Colleen is a long time Delray Beach fl resident and its first yoga teacher.

March 2023 Cruise Classes:

Hatha Yoga 

Join Colleen as she guides you slowly through different poses to challenge your strength and flexibility, while at the same time focusing on relaxation and mindfulness.