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Sheri DeMaris

Macrobiotic Teacher

Sheri DeMaris is a macrobiotic teacher and cookbook author who has taught at restaurants and cooking schools throughout the United States and Europe. She has consulted with chefs at top-rated restaurants, including the Ritz Carlton and the Williamsburg Inn. Additionally, Sheri has shared her knowledge with medical professionals at cutting-edge medical/health programs including the University of California San Diego School of Integrative Medicine and Hahnemann University.

Sheri is a Level 4 graduate of the Kushi Institute. She is the author of the book Macro Magic for Kids and Parents. Sheri is also the host, director, and producer of an alternative-health cooking show for television, Macro Magic, and the cooking pilot, Macro for Mainstream. In addition, she has created numerous cooking videos for children. Recently, she produced a documentary film called The Spirit of Rice.

Sheri holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling from the College of William and Mary in Virginia and has completed post-graduate studies in counseling from Villanova University in Pennsylvania. Presently, Sheri is a consultant for the Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise where she is responsible for soliciting the best quality food and home health products from natural food companies.

March 2024 Cruise Classes:

Addressing Reproductive Issues for Men and Women Through Dietary and Lifestyle Changes

An abundance of current research now validates the possibility of women and men living a long and healthy life through smart choices with diet and lifestyle. A whole food, plant-based diet rich in vitamins and minerals can be supportive to both men and women’s health issues.  We will discuss the major medical conditions that are of great concern for both women and men as they relate to reproductive health and will share the types of food dishes and remedies that can be used to help prevent and even reverse these health concerns. Osteoporosis, depression, breast and prostate cancer, infertility and other conditions will be addressed. 

Individual Consultations and/or Workshops Available:

Private Cooking and Lifestyle Consultation

Sheri-Lynn has over forty years of experience working with hundreds of individuals of all ages to enhance their dietary guidelines and food choices. Using her training in visual diagnosis and macrobiotic principles, Sheri offers you insightful observations of your relationship between your food choices and your current health. You will be provided a packet of recipes and weekly guidelines of how to shift your condition through changing your food choices and routine. This includes a personalized shopping list to make your transformation easier. Before your consultation, you must complete an intake form describing your current diet and conditions you’d like to focus on during the session.

$400/person, 60 minutes



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