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Piper Shields

Holistic Health & Massage

Piper Shields brings the quality of therapeutic touch to the Holistic Holiday at Sea. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Miami Dade College. Persistent with her passion for holistic health and massage, she studied at Educating Hands School of Massage. In addition, she applied herself to the modality of neuromuscular therapy. Piper has fourteen years of extensive experience as a successful licensed massage therapist. In recent years, she created a partnership with Educating Hands School of Massage. She currently offers education classes for a holistic approach to heal the body with the use of essential oils and massage. Outside of the school, she has taught at the Cancer Community Center, Element Massage, Synergy Yoga, the State of Balance Wellness Center, the Kaufman & Rossin CPA firm and the Greenberg & Trauig law firm, where she has implemented the holistic approach of natural medicine to address health concerns, reduce stress and offer a sense of well-being. Piper is a certified AromaTouch Technique specialist and provides training in the communities for the further development and knowledge of essential oils. Her strongest asset is her passion to promote health and wellness through the body, mind and spirit connection.



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