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Nelson Campbell

Executive Producer, PlantPure Nation

Nelson Campbell is the founder of the nonprofit PlantPure Communities (PPC) and the PlantPure business. He also directed and wrote PlantPure Nation, a film that examines the political and economic factors that have suppressed information on the benefits of plant-based nutrition, while making the connections of this idea to medical practice, farming, food deserts and climate change. PPC, the nonprofit Nelson founded, supports a network of local groups called “Pods,” now involving over 250,000 people. PPC is also coordinating an international coalition of health and environmental groups to raise public awareness of the food-climate connection, and is launching a ‘moonshot’ project to bring nutrition education and affordable plant-based foods into underserved communities. In addition to his nonprofit work, Nelson founded the PlantPure business, which is focused on food, education and a new web-based social action platform. Nelson has undergraduate and graduate degrees from Cornell University in political science and economics, respectively.

March 2024 Cruise Classes:

MOVIE: From Food to Freedom, a featured documentary
moderated by Nelson Campbell, writer and director

This featured documentary, written and directed by Nelson Campbell, tells the story of a group of people who attempted to reverse their  type 2 diabetes within ten days, simply by eating plant-based foods. The film also examines the connection of nutrition to immunity, the Covid pandemic, and the shortcomings of the pharmaceutical model in healthcare. In this film, Nelson, director of PlantPure Nation, and his wife, nationally recognized chef and cookbook author Kim Campbell, set up a live-in immersion program that included biometric testing and close physician supervision. The individual stories and results of the immersion create an opportunity in the film for compelling and sometimes shocking digressions into the topics of nutrition, chronic disease, immunity, and the Covid pandemic. Scientific contributions include those from Nelson’s father, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, best-selling author of The China Study. From Food to Freedom has garnered nine awards and honors in 2023, including Best Feature Documentary from SoCal Film Awards and Best Inspirational Film from the Los Angeles Film Awards.



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