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Dani Taylor

Cofounder, VeganProteins & Plantbuilt

Dani Taylor is a 21-year vegan and female bodybuilding champion and full-time coach to vegan athletes who transformed her life from unhealthy beginnings. Raised on mac ‘n’ cheese and hotdogs, Dani weighed 210 pounds by 17. Discovering veganism in high school, she embarked on a journey of health and fitness. Now, 90 pounds lighter and a figure competition champion, Dani co-founded VeganProteins Online Coaching and Team PlantBuilt, the largest group of vegan strength athletes. Alongside her husband Giacomo Marchese, she’s touring the country with the Vegan Strong Team, inspiring others to embrace vegan fitness. Dani’s story is a testament to the power of change and dedication.

March 2024 Cruise Classes:

Panel Q&A: Powered by Plants
with Vegan Athletes Robert Cheeke, Nathan Crane, Cyrus Khambatta, Giacomo Marchese, Dani Taylor, and Dr. Scott Stoll

Do you have questions about the nutrition athletes need to fuel their bodies on a plant-based diet? Concerned with getting the right types of carbohydrates to power through your weekend warrior lifestyle, or wonder how much protein you should eat after a tough workout? Learn from athletes who have achieved success in their sports, powered by a pure, plant-based diet. From endurance sports like running, to weight training and bodybuilding, to martial arts, and even Olympic sports, these vegan athletes will help you fuel your athletic endeavors for optimal performance. 


This exhilarating strength training class incorporates the dynamic power of resistance bands! Prepare to unleash your inner strength as Dani Taylor guides you through a workout that targets every major muscle group. With resistance bands, you’ll experience a unique blend of versatility and intensity, ensuring a challenging yet accessible session for all fitness levels.



Elevate your posture and transform your well-being with Dani Taylor’s posture 101 class. This invigorating session combines a harmonious blend of targeted stretches and strengthening exercises designed to enhance your posture and overall body alignment. Dani will guide you through a journey of balance and grace, helping you stand taller, move with confidence, and alleviate those nagging aches and pains.

Individual Consultations and/or Workshops Available:

Private Sports Nutrition Consultation

Whether you are just getting into fitness and don’t know where to begin, or you’ve been training for years and are looking for ways to elevate your performance, a one-on-one consultation with Dani Taylor is a great way to get there. As a vegan figure competitor and strength coach, Dani has many years of working with clients of all levels and backgrounds, and she can help you to achieve your aesthetic, fitness or strength goals with a tailored vegan nutrition plan. Together, you and Dani will assess your current fitness/health situation, come up with attainable goals, and lay out the comprehensive plans to achieve success. You can also feel free to use your hour to ask any questions you’ve ever had about vegan sports nutrition, strength training or competing in bodybuilding as a vegan.

$250/person, 60 minutes



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