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Bianka Steinfeldt

Pilates & Reiki

Bianka Steinfeldt, originally from Austria, started taking ballet and movement classes when she was six years old. She danced in the cities of Bregenz, Dornbirn, and Vienna. She also holds a business and design degree. Bianka was introduced to Pilates after experiencing health issues and fell in love with the method. Movement heals! 

After moving to the United States, she discovered Power Pilates—using the classical Pilates method with flow, and received her mat and full equipment certification. Following, she successfully completed a two-year Pilates Master Mentor Program with Pilates Elder Lolita San Miguel and is now 2nd generation Pilates Master. 

Her passion for movement and healing led her to become a certified Integrative Movement Specialist (IMS) and is ELDOA (Elongation Longitudinaux avec Decoaption Osteo Articulaire) certified. The ELDOA technique uses innovative exercises and postures to relieve pressure and increase blood flow in the body. Bianca incorporates these methods into her practice. Bianca is also a Reiki Master, and is trained in Access Bar/Access Foundation techniques and Sattva Meditation, which she studied in the Himalayas in India. 

Bianka is always seeking new challenges and continues to extend her learning from venues around the world. She welcomes each person with an open heart and mind. 



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