Need a Roommate? We’ll Help You Find a Good Match

You’re all ready to book an inspiring, beautiful wellness voyage onboard the Holistic Holiday at Sea. Everything is set except for one thing—you’re in need of a roommate.

Matchmaking Roommates

When you book your room on the cruise, let the travel agent know that you need a roommate. Holistic Holiday at Sea will send an email to all roommate match passengers at least six weeks, and possibly many months before the Final Payment Date to the email address provided by the participant on their initial registration. Once you confirm that you still want help finding a roommate, you and a potential match will be sent an email with each other’s email address. You will be asked to get in touch, make a decision about sharing a cabin, and reply to Holistic Holiday at Sea within one week, if possible. If the initial match does not work out, you will be sent another possible match, provided that one is available. Final matches should be made at least two weeks prior to the Final Payment Date.

What about compatibility?

We consider the person’s age, the type of room they have chosen, and if possible, the region of the country (or the country they are from) may be factored in as well. Sometimes a person tells the agent a little about themselves, which can help in selecting a potential roommate.

When you contact your potential roommate, ask them about their preferences. For example, do they like to get up at 5 am and you prefer to dance the last dance and then sleep in? You likely wouldn’t be a good match. Ask them about their schedule and what they’re hoping to experience on the cruise. Ask them about their room temperature preference. Are you looking for someone to go to activities and presentations with? Let them know. Do you like watching TV or prefer for it to stay off? Do you like the lights completely off when you’re sleeping? Does tidiness matter to you? Do you snore? Discuss these things when you contact your potential roommate.

What rooms are available for this?

We generally match people in the inside, ocean view, and balcony rooms.

For more information about the roommate process, contact us by phone (1-305-928-1098, option 1) or email