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Ray Cronise

Scientist, innovator, author

Ray Cronise is a scientist-innovator focused on diet and nutrition and co-founder of, a lifestyle transformation company. He co-authored Plant-Based Nutrition, 2E (Idiot’s Guide) with Julieanna Hever and is the mastermind behind Las Vegas magician Penn Jillette’s plant-based diet 100 pound weight loss. A former NASA scientist and Matthew Kenney and Blue Lotus Culinary graduate, he’s collaborating with leading academic researchers at institutions such as Harvard and the NIH to publish work at the intersection of healthspan and plant-based diets. He’s been featured in Wired Magazine, TEDMED 2010, ABC’s Nightline, The Atlantic, The Daily Beast, Men’s Journal, The Guardian, Penn Jillette’s Presto! How I Made over 100 Pounds Disappear, and The 4-Hour Body.



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