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Marcus Gary & Team

Qigong & Yoga

Marcus Gary has over twenty-eight years of experience with holistic living and wellness. Marcus is an instructor of yoga, Qigong, meditation, male virility, and power yoga. For over sixteen years, he has instructed Qigong classes in Oakland, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Los Angeles.
Maria Johnson has over thirty years of experience as a meditation and spiritual instructor. She has over twenty years of experience as an instructor of yoga and Qigong, and over twenty-three years as a life coach and counselor in the San Francisco Bay, Sacramento, and Los Angeles areas. Maria has a background in psychology, sociology, and leadership coaching.

Jamila Makini has over twenty-eight years of experience as a meditation and spiritual instructor, more than twenty years as an instructor of yoga and Qigong, and more than twenty-three years of life coach mentoring/counseling in the San Francisco Bay, Sacramento, and Los Angeles areas. Jamila has a background in leadership coaching and the biological and mathematical sciences. 

March 2024 Cruise Classes:


Our ability to be successful is related to how we use our energy. The Taoists developed a system for cultivating and promoting the free flow of energy in the body through the exercise called Qigong. This class will provide instruction on the 3000-year-old Qigong postures and sounds one can use to simultaneously purge the toxic energies out of the major organ energy systems (liver, heart, spleen/ stomach, lungs, and kidneys). Such purging will assist in maintaining optimal health and stress management.



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