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Keiichiro Kita

Founder, Harmonic Science, Author

Keiichiro Kita is the founder of the Society for Harmonic Science in Tokyo, Japan. He also founded The Joy Foundation using the Chinese characters in his family name; “ki” means joy and  “ta” means foundation.

The Joy Foundation is dedicated to the research of applying vibratory sound frequencies to the human body and in the environment. The findings are channeled into re-establishing natural, harmonic rhythms that benefit the vitality, health and well-being of an individual.

This scientific and practical research led Mr. Kita to develop the Biosonic Peace Machine. This revolutionary tool delivers specific sound vibrations to body tissues at the cellular level by influencing the energetic field and the body’s energy channels.

With deep reverence for this work, Mr. Kita has produced over 210 Master Tapes for Amazon ALEXA, Panasonic, LEXUS, Japan Air Lines, Triumph, FM radio, television and CDs full of the natural, organic sounds of nature. These special sounds can be used like sonic air purifiers to improve the quality of the environment. For example, waves produced by the vibration of sounds penetrate our skin, and the natural rhythms help to encourage homeostasis in the body. In collaboration with Honda Motor Company, Mr. Kita developed the “Honda’s Sound Sitter,” which lets you lull your baby to sleep with the sound of 37 different car engines.

The author of nine publications, with total sales of over 300,000 copies, Keiichiro Kita is considered a leader in the field of well-being using the tried and tested “Kita Method.”



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