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Jibin Chi, MD

Founder, CHI Awakening Academy

Dr. Jibin Chi is an international speaker, an energy therapist and CHI meditation initiator. In the past decades, Dr. Chi has specialized in translational medicine to bring cutting-edge innovations into the medical and life science arena. Through a combination of scientific research, life experience and spiritual practice, Dr. Chi has reached personal enlightenment about life, and subsequently founded the CHI Awakening Academy to promote the Conscious Health Initiative (CHI) and awakening for life. He is actively advocating fundamental understandings about life, healing and true well-being. His disruptive theory on diabetes and cancer, coupled with CHI healing work on assessing and re-tuning fundamental energy, is distinguishably refreshing and unique. His scientific work in the energy field has entitled him to become the first laureate to the prestigious “Art of Air” award in 2018.

March 2024 Cruise Classes:

Unveiling Century-Long Fundamental 
Mistakes in Diabetes and the Fallacies in Our “Healthy” Diet

In this informative lecture, Dr. Chi illuminates two pivotal moments in medical history: the 1992 Nobel Prize-winning discovery of insulin and the 1984 revelation of cholesterol as a health hazard, as documented in Time magazine. These milestones have significantly shaped the landscape of medical science, prompting a reevaluation of our understanding of health. Dr. Chi exposes profound flaws in current scientific paradigms and addresses the pressing question of our ongoing pandemic health crisis. Through scientific exploration, he unveils three critical conclusions beginning with the relationship of diabetes and glucagon and the understanding that diabetes is not a glycemic disease, but a component of a systemic metabolic disorder, which is intricately linked to the true physiological roles of glucagon in energy metabolism. With respect to metabolic disorders and diet, Dr. Chi challenges the prevailing belief that the modern diet is healthy and maintains that it is associated with the development of insulin resistance and a spectrum of metabolic disorders including diabetes, liver disease and cancer. Additionally, Dr. Chi contends that, contrary to clinical guidelines, insulin plays a role in diabetic deaths caused by medication-induced hypoglycemia that is often erroneously attributed to cardiac causes instead. This lecture retraces the fundamental principles of energy and underscores the pivotal role diet plays in shaping metabolism. Dr. Chi will introduce a groundbreaking unified disease model that connects all cardiometabolic diseases to the food we consume and the air we breathe.


The Tao of CHI: Uniting Science, Healing, and Awakening in Life’s Oneness

Life is an ever-changing, dynamic process of energy transformation that adheres to the fractal principle of the universe. This universal pattern plays a crucial role in shaping our psychic intuition, subconscious, and conscious mind — integral components of our overall well-being. The Butterfly Effect of any subtle changes in the deterministic energy pattern leads to eventual catastrophic mental and physical health events. Thus, the secret to mastering life and health is all about fine-tuning our mind and body connection with the fundamental energy.

Grounded in this profound wisdom, Dr. Chi introduces the principles and practical tools for CHI Living, CHI Healing, and CHI Awakening. This talk integrates ancient wisdom and modern science, featuring real cases that showcase how to identify signature traits associated with conditions such as ADHD, Autism, diabetes, and cancer. Prepare for a paradigm shift in your perspective on life and health as this talk empowers you to view both in a completely different light, potentially transforming your approach to living, healing, and thriving.

Individual Consultations and/or Workshops Available:

Total CHI Bioanalysis + CHI Healing Package

This comprehensive treatment package integrates three core elements of the CHI concept. The CHI Fractal Mind and Body Analysis reveals the cardiac adaptation level, total and mental stress levels, subconscious and conscious brain levels, the autonomic system, heart regulation, organ health, biorhythms, biological age, chakras, meridian energy and more. The CHI-Wavesonic Sound Massage will allow you to immerse yourself in a transformative, full-body sound massage, recalibrating the mind and body to life’s rhythm while harmonizing your energy flow. The guided CHI-Airnergy Breathing session is an experience of complete mind and body rejuvenation at the cellular level, a remedy rooted in Nobel Laureate Dr. Otto Warburg’s theory of oxygen activation through monochromic light. This package is particularly suited for individuals facing chronic health issues including cancer, sleep disorders and diabetes. A complementary CHI Fractal Bioanalysis health report and healing soundtrack will be provided after the cruise via email.

$750/person, 120 minutes
$680/person, 2nd session
$600/person, 3rd session


Customized CHI Bioanalysis + CHI Wellness Package

This CHI Wellness consultation offers a condensed, yet personalized, version of the Total CHI fractal Bioanalysis + CHI Healing Package. Tailored to individual needs, this session includes a sample showcase of the CHI Fractal Health Analysis, a mini-session of CHI Wavesonic Sound Hearing, and a compact CHI-Airnergy breathing therapy session. A complementary CHI Fractal Bioanalysis health report and healing soundtrack will be provided after the cruise via email.

$400/person, 60 minutes


CHI Fractal Mind & Body Health Analysis Package

This comprehensive health analysis consultation offers a detailed analysis of both the mind and body. It uncovers crucial insights into various aspects, including the cardiac adaptation level, total and mental stress levels, subconscious and conscious brain patterns, hormonal regulation, autonomic system function, the dynamic vital force index, organ health, circadian rhythm, biological age, chakras, and meridian energy distribution. Additionally, it includes components of ayurvedic dosha analysis and a simplified diet recommendation.

A complimentary CHI Fractal Bioanalysis health report will be sent via email after the consultation, providing valuable insights for your continued well-being.

$300/person, 60 minutes


WORKSHOP: Breaking Barriers – A Guide to Mastery in Breathing, Meditation, and CHI for True Healing

Join Dr. Chi for a hands-on exploration of essential practices for physical and mental resilience, healing, and an authentic sense of well-being while demystifying energy practices by intertwining scientific insights with the profound connection between mind and matter. This workshop features CHI-Airnergy, CHI Meditation, mantra changing, energy channeling, and an introduction to ancient CHI practices including the principals of yin and yang and the five elements behind them. This session is suitable for individuals affected by cancer, metabolic disorders, and those navigating chronic mental and emotion stress.

$80/person, 45 minutes



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