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Brenda Davis

Dietician, Author, Speaker

Brenda Davis, registered dietitian, is a leader in her field and an internationally acclaimed speaker. As a prolific nutrition and health writer, she has co-authored 11 books with over 800,000 copies in print in 14 languages. Her most recent works include Kick Diabetes Essentials (2019), and The Kick Diabetes Cookbook (2018). She also authored Becoming Vegan: Comprehensive Edition (2014) and Becoming Vegan: Express Edition (2013), both receiving a star rating by the American Library Association as the “go-to books” on plant-based nutrition and winning Book of the Year Awards in the US as well as a Canadian Book Award.

Brenda is also co-author of several peer-reviewed journal articles. She is the lead clinical nutrition specialist for the diabetes intervention project in the Marshall Islands, and recently completed a lifestyle intervention demonstration program in Lithuania. Brenda is a past chair of the Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and in 2007, was inducted into the Vegetarian Hall of Fame.



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