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Sam Turnbull

Vegan Blogger & Cookbook Author

Sam Turnbull is a two-time, bestselling cookbook author of Fuss-Free Vegan and Fast Easy Cheap Vegan. Sam is the creator of the popular recipe blog She teaches virtual cooking classes at and also runs an online meal planner ­­­­at

Growing up in a family of foodies, chefs, butchers, and hunters, Sam was determined to prove that vegan cooking didn’t have to be weird, expensive, complicated, or limiting. She has published over 750 vegan recipes focusing on making them quick and easy to prepare, using ingredients you can find at your local grocery store. Sam’s unique dishes appeal to all, whether you are vegan or not. Her recipes are known to be super satisfying and drool-worthy delicious! You won’t miss a thing when cooking with Sam!

March 2023 Cruise Classes:

Cooking Class: Vegan Cheese – Ooey Gooey & Dairy-Free

Missing that creamy texture and the rich flavors found in cheese? Well, look no further! Sam’s vegan sunflower cheese recipe will satisfy those cravings. This nut-free cheese is quick and easy to make with just nine ingredients. Serve this crave-worthy vegan cheese with crackers or bread, spread it on a sandwich, add it to a salad, or use it anywhere you like! You don’t have to be a vegan to fall in love with this recipe. As an added bonus, it’s school safe!

Cooking Class: Vegan Egg Yolks – Yolks Without the Chicken

It’s a vegan egg yolk! Just five minutes to make with only six ingredients. It is completely cholesterol-free, unlike the cholesterol bombs of a chicken egg yolk. This yolk is incredibly, super delicious with toast dipped into it. Rich, creamy, savory, umami, – add a crack of pepper on top! Oh yeah, you won’t believe how amazing this is! Additionally, small changes allow this recipe to be turned into a vegan fried egg!

Cooking Class: Sticky Garlic Vegan Salmon

This is vegan seafood at its finest! This “tofish” (tofu fish) looks like and tastes like salmon. How cool is that?! Sticky garlic vegan salmon is perfect when served over a bed of rice or on rice noodles. While this dish looks sophisticated, the recipe is seamless, using ingredients you can find at your local grocery store.

Individual Consultations and/or Workshops Available:

Homemade Vegan Meat Alternatives

These simple-to-make but deliciously rich homemade vegan meat alternatives will be a hit with your vegan and non-vegan guests alike! They are also the perfect choice for those transitioning to a healthier diet where many of the food choices may be unfamiliar. Let Sam guide you through these easy, quick, recipes and satisfying, savory dishes. She will also answer your questions regarding oil-free and gluten-free options.

$150/person, 2 ½ hours

Book your One-on-One Consultations, Treatments, and Group Workshop for the March 2023 Cruise:

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