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Julieanna Hever

The Plant-Based Dietitian

Julieanna Hever, known as The Plant-Based Dietitian, has a degree in theatre and a Master’s of Science in Nutrition, integrating her passions for food, presenting, and helping people. She has authored seven books, including The Healthspan SolutionPlant-Based Nutrition (Idiot’s Guides), The Vegiterranean Diet, and the recent Choose You Now Diet. She has also authored two peer-reviewed journal articles on plant-based nutrition for healthcare professionals.

Julieanna is a registered dietitian (RD™) and the host of the Choose You Now podcast. She has given a TEDx talk, hosted What Would Julieanna Do?, and taught for the eCornell plant-based nutrition certification program. Julieanna has appeared on television for The Dr. Oz Show, Harry, and The Steve Harvey Show. Julieanna speaks and consults with clients around the globe. Find her at

March 2023 Cruise Classes:

Keynote: The Choose You Now Diet: Lose Weight for the Last Time

Based on Julieanna’s new book, The Choose You Now Diet, this lecture will explore the ten easy-to-follow tenets for lasting weight loss and health gains. Instead of counting calories, her joyful approach to eating embraces the health benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet: one that’s focused on vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, mushrooms, nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices. Her low-sugar, plant-based program, combined with strategic time-restricted eating and mindfulness techniques, has a proven record of success. As Julieanna likes to say, “Results are typical.”


Food is Medicine: Simple Steps to Fill Your Plate With Delicious Food

A whole food, plant-based diet has been associated with a myriad of significant health advantages. But transitioning to this new way of life may be overwhelming initially as you learn this unfamiliar language and new habits are being formed. From shopping to meal planning and stocking your kitchen to supplement needs, Julieanna will present practical solutions to make eating plants delicious, nutritious, and effortless. This lecture explores how to get the most of what a plant palate proffers.


Cooking Class: Dressings and Sauces – Fall (More) in Love With Vegetables

One of the most underrated secrets to success with a plant-based diet is the judicious use of dressings and sauces. Almost everyone is falling short on eating the minimum recommended ten (yes, ten!) servings of vegetables (and fruits) a day, even though they are the most nutrient-dense, disease-fighting food groups available. The secret to craving more veggies is all about the secret sauce. This class will demonstrate how to make easy, delicious dressings and sauces to use across the culinary spectrum and help inspire you to amp up your love of veggies.


Cooking Class: Soup Solution – How to Use Soups as the Key to Successful Healthy Meals

Soups are the perfect way to incorporate the healthiest food groups in a delicious, comforting, and pleasurable way. Soups can include flavors and ingredients from around the globe in a variety of ways to satisfy any palate. In this class, Julieanna will cover basic broths, stocks, stews, chilis, and chowders with a focus on batch cooking and convenient, health-promoting meal planning with soup at the center.

Individual Consultations and/or Workshops Available:

Cooking Boot Camp: How to Choose You Now and Lose Weight for the Last Time **EXTRA FEE

Based on Julieanna’s new book, The Choose You Now Diet, this boot camp will demonstrate how to execute the ten tenets to sustainable weight loss. Learn how to meal prep, approach diet mindfully, strategize a plan for sustainable success, and create whole food, plant-based recipes from her book. Ask Julieanna anything about her lifestyle transformation program that has helped hundreds of people achieve their goals.

 $150/person, 2 ½ hours

Nutrition Consultation With The Plant-Based Dietitian®

Julieanna Hever, The Plant-Based Dietitian®, specializes in weight loss, sports nutrition, as well as disease prevention, management, and reversal. She works with people across the lifespan (from infants to seniors) who have various health concerns and goals. Julieanna guides her clients through a transition to a healthy, whole food, plant-based diet, by guiding them to meet their goals emphasizing the following:

  • Achieving and maintaining ideal body weight
  • Recovering from sugar and other food addiction
  • Incorporating a balanced, varied, health-promoting diet
  • Managing, and commonly reversing, chronic disease, including high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, heart disease, diabetes, cancers, certain autoimmune diseases, osteoporosis, and osteopenia, eating disorders, rental disease, osteoarthritis, food allergies and intolerances, gastrointestinal conditions including ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and irritable bowel syndrome, and more
  • Enhancing sports and exercise performance for endurance and strength athletes, professional athletes, and those seeking improvements in their fitness results
  • Providing perinatal care to ensure adequate nutrient intake during prenatal and breastfeeding periods
  • Helping parents feed their children, from infants to picky toddlers, all the way to the teenage years

 $500/person, 60 minutes

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