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Julieanna Hever

The Plant-Based Dietitian

Julieanna Hever, known as The Plant-Based Dietitian, has a BA in Theatre and an MS in Nutrition, bridging her biggest passions for food, presenting, and helping people. She has authored seven books, including the recent  Choose You Now Diet, The Healthspan SolutionPlant-Based Nutrition (Idiot’s Guides), and The Vegiterranean Diet. She has also authored two peer-reviewed journal articles on plant-based nutrition for healthcare professionals.

Julieanna is the host of the Choose You Now podcast. She was also the host of What Would Julieanna Do?, has given a TEDx talk, and instructed for the eCornell Plant-Based Nutrition Certification Program. She has appeared on television for The Dr. Oz Show, Harry, and The Steve Harvey Show.

Julieanna speaks and consults with clients around the globe. Find her at



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