What do Vegans Eat?

There is an amazing assortment of options out there for someone looking to maintain an entirely vegan diet. Read below to learn the types of foods that vegans eat.

Vegans Eat lots of Grains and Pasta

Regardless of whether or not you are pursuing a vegan diet, whole grain pastas are a healthier alternative and cost very little more than white pasta. Other alternatives to the typical white pasta include rye, oats, rolled oats, brown rice, millet, buckwheat, 100% cornmeal, and whole barley. With varying subtle tastes and identical preparation to white products, it would be worth trying each in order to find the one that suits your taste. The important thing is to check the label carefully to make sure that these are made with vegan ingredients. Vegans eat lots of whole grains and pasta because these foods are high energy foods and also contain surprisingly high levels of protein in certain cases.

Vegans Eat Lots of Nuts, Seeds and Legumes

For anyone attempting to pursue an entirely vegan diet, nuts, seeds and legumes would more than likely be your primary source of protein. Luckily there is no shortage of ways you can prepare these ingredients. It would be wise to purchase these items in bulk to minimize on cost over time. When preparing any meal, I like to consider with bean might accompany the main dish without become bland or boring. For instance, chick peas have always been my go-to item for past dishes. Whenever I make chili, I like to include lintels versus the typical rice. Every salad I make has always included almonds, peanuts or cashews for their oil content. Though a great source of protein, I would suggest limiting the amount of soybeans you consume, being high in fat content as well. Vegans eat lots of these ingredients because they are high in protein and in the case of seeds and nuts they provide high levels of healthy fats.