Sandy Pukel

  • Plant-Based Diet
  • February 2020

Sandy Pukel has been intimately involved in the natural foods industry for over five decades and has established an international reputation as a leader in this field. He is a natural foods icon in South Florida, where he taught vegetarian cooking in the early 1970s and owned and operated the landmark Oak Feed natural foods store, a mecca for people interested in health and well-being. Together with world macrobiotic leader Michio Kushi, Sandy established a network of learning centers throughout Florida to teach natural foods cooking and holistic health. In 1984, he founded a nonprofit educational foundation, A Taste of Health, which has hosted celebrities and internationally-known holistic educators at conferences and open air festivals. More than 30,000 gue​sts and students have attended some of these events. As a board-certified nutritionist, he works with clients regarding lifestyle changes and dietary needs. Sandy has also been instrumental in the establishment of several natural foods businesses, including world-leader Miso Master. His cookbook, Grains and Greens on the Deep Blue Sea, is the direct outcome of Sandy’s latest venture, Holistic Holiday at Sea, a holistic Caribbean cruise featuring delicious vegetarian foods and an education program that includes yoga, Pilates, macrobiotics, meditation, cooking classes, and much more. “This ‘Voyage to Well-Being,’”says Sandy, “is the culmination of my dream to provide people with a positive, life-changing experience while having the vacation of a lifetime on one of the world’s most luxurious Italian ocean liners.”

Panel Q&A: Cruisin’ for Knowledge ‒ Using a Plant-Based Diet to Support Health and Avoid Risks with Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Michael Greger and Dr. Michael Klaper, Hosted by Sandy Pukel

Don’t miss this motivational, inspiring and informative Q&A with plant-based diet luminaries Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Michael Klaper, hosted by cruise director Sandy Pukel. This is your chance to get all your questions answered. Whether you have been practicing a plant-based lifestyle for years or are just getting your feet wet, these experts can take you to the next level. Get the real scoop on living well, eating well and taking control of your health.

  • February 2020