Nelson Campbell

  • Plant-Based Diet
  • February 2020

Nelson Campbell is the founder of the nonprofit PlantPure Communities (PPC) and the PlantPure business. He also directed and wrote PlantPure Nation, a film that examines the political and economic factors that have suppressed information on the benefits of plant-based nutrition, while making the connections of this idea to medical practice, farming, food deserts and climate change. PPC, the nonprofit Nelson founded, supports a network of local groups called Pods, now involving over 200,000 people. They also are coordinating an international coalition of health and environmental groups to raise public awareness of the food-climate connection, and are launching a moonshot project to bring nutrition education and affordable plant-based foods into underserved communities. In addition to his nonprofit work, Nelson founded the PlantPure business, which is focused on food, education and a new web-based social action platform. Nelson has an undergraduate and a graduate degree from Cornell University in political science and economics, respectively.

Healing America - A Grassroots Strategy for Health, Environmental and Political Change

Nelson Campbell and his team at the nonprofit PlantPure Communities, with support from the PlantPure foods and education business, are launching the “Healing Campaign” to scale a community-based model to promote the message of plant-based nutrition. The campaign began with an initiative in New York City with a large physician network to validate a key element of the community model enabling physicians to prescribe a ten-day plant-based immersion to their patients. The next phase of the campaign strategy is to launch the full community model across the U.S. Nelson and his team will drive this expansion through in-person kick-off events, and through the creative use of media. This planned media strategy includes short videos, a documentary series, a podcast, and two feature films. In this presentation, Nelson will describe their progress to date. He also will articulate a larger message that goes beyond plant-based nutrition, touching on the environment, social justice, animal welfare, and even political reform. Importantly, Nelson will present information from a groundbreaking research study supported by the nonprofit PlantPure Communities, showing that mass conversion to a plant-based diet is critical for resolution of our climate crisis.

  • February 2020

Q&A with Nelson Campbell: Launching a Campaign in Your Community 

This Q&A session with Nelson Campbell is a follow up to his presentation earlier in the week. Nelson will answer questions about the national Healing Campaign for healing America, and also will invite input, with a focus on how people can get involved in bringing this campaign model into their own communities.

  • February 2020