Keiichiro Kita

  • Holistic Health
  • February 2020

Keiichiro Kita is the founder of the Society for Harmonic Science in Tokyo, Japan. He also founded The Joy Foundation using the Chinese characters in his family name; ‘ki’ means ‘joy’ and ‘ta’ means foundation.

The Joy Foundation is dedicated to the research of applying vibratory sound frequencies to the human body and in the environment. The findings are channeled into re-establishing natural, harmonic rhythms that benefit the vitality, health and well-being of an individual.

This scientific and practical research led Mr. Kita to develop the Biosonic Peace Machine. This revolutionary tool delivers specific sound vibrations to body tissues at the cellular level by influencing the energetic field and the body’s energy channels.

With deep reverence for this work, Mr. Kita has produced over 130 Master Tapes for Amazon ALEXA, Panasonic, LEXUS, Japan Air Lines, FM radio & CDs full of the natural, organic sounds of nature. These special sounds can be used like sonic air purifiers to improve the quality of the environment. For example, waves produced by the vibration of sounds penetrate our skin, and the natural rhythms help to encourage homeostasis in the body.

The author of 9 publications, with total sales of over 300,000 copies, Keiichiro Kita is considered a leader in the field of well-being using the tried and tested ‘Kita Method.’

The Art of Harmonic Revolution - The Golden Key to Happiness

Every one of us came into existence as a result of a number of other existences. Just like animals, plants and micro-organisms, humans are also one of the many components that make up this planet earth. If you respect the natural world as the origin of all living things, then you will ultimately respect yourself and anything else that comes from the same source. It can be quite a bonding experience for the whole family to nurture this kind of reverence by listening together and calibrating the family members to nature’s inherent rhythm.

If every one of us were to keep the basic principles of ‘honor oneself,’ ‘value life’ and ‘pay gratitude to nature,’ then each of us could experience our own ‘harmonic revolution.’ When we are in touch with our inner selves, we activate true wisdom and there is harmony. Mr. Kita will describe how to do this with sound.

May peace prevail on Earth.

  • March 2019

Harmonic Massage Mini-Session

Join us for an experience of profound relaxation. The Kita Peace Machine offers a dual delivery system that converts the deeply soothing low frequencies of musical melodies and rhythms into specific vibratory waveforms that can be felt by the body and simultaneously received deep within the body through the ears and their complex auditory system. This makes deep relaxation possible in a short period of time.

Enjoy a 10-minute session using this revolutionary technology. This unique experience will be offered several times during the cruise, but because of equipment and schedule constraints, we ask that participants limit themselves to a first-time session only.

  • March 2019

Meditation in Motion with Kita Peace Machine: Switching on Our Divine Spark

It is well known that 70% of our body mass is water. If this water is of good quality, it can keep us strong and healthy. Sound transmits perfectly through water, because the vibrations can travel very easily through it, keeping it vital.

Come and experience the Kita BioSonic Peace Machine. Use the Harmonic Massage sound cushion to re-sound the whole body while the water inside the body is infused with soothing sounds.

After an introduction by Mr. Kita, you will pair up, and each participant will have guided practice in using special breathing while giving and receiving a Harmonic Massage sound cushion treatment. At the same time, you will try to envision words of light, such as infinite joy, infinite health, etc. This awakens our divine spark and encourages spontaneous healing.

$75/person, 90 min.

  • March 2019

Harmonic Massage with Healing Energy Touch

The Peace Machine is a revolutionary tool that converts soothing low frequency musical sound waves into vibrations that promote mental, physical and emotional health. In this session your specific needs will be addressed.

This nurturing and non-invasive modality topically administers deeply soothing sounds to various parts of the body. Simultaneously, these frequencies are experienced as music by the ear and received at a cellular level through the auditory system. These frequencies stimulate harmonic resonance throughout the body and brain to promote an internal environment that fosters healing. Energy moves as vibrations in the form of waves occurring at different frequencies. Each organ resonates at a particular frequency; when the organs are out of balance, the frequencies are no longer in harmony. As a result, a discordant sound is produced. In the human body, this discordance in the organs results in disease. The Kita Biosonic Peace Machine is designed to reestablish and maintain a harmonic resonance that creates peace and well-being in mind and body.

$250/person, 90 min.

  • March 2019