Bridgette Kossor

  • Mindfulness & Movement
  • February 2020

Bridgette Kossor has been singing and working with energy throughout her life as an experienced performer, certified Reiki master, and energy intuitive. She is well-known for her dynamic, powerful and soul-touching performances, as well as the energetic connection she has with her audiences.

Bridgette also teaches people to understand, manage and master their own energy through private sessions, readings, classes and workshops, so they can feel who they are, align with their purpose, and live the highest good possible for themselves and for the world. To learn more about Bridgette, her music and energy work, visit:

Welcome Cocktail Party

Join Bridgette and your Holistic Holiday shipmates at this poolside social to celebrate through music. Sing along to favorite tunes, move your body and let all of your tension and tightness melt away in the presence of love and fun. Come mix, mingle and dance with like-minded cruisers while our popular Bridgette Kossor serenades us with favorites, old and new.

  • February 2020

Pool Dance Party: Dance Around the World

Enjoy dancing to your favorite songs from world-renowned artists. Bridgette Kossor will be singing and playing music to get you moving on the dance floor.

  • February 2020

Pool Dance Party: Good Vibrations

Get the connection vibe going! Have a blast dancing with Bridgette and your cruise friends to the music that sparks the fun and happy in us.

  • February 2020

Private “Mastering Your Energy” Session

Each “MYE” session assesses your Energetic Wellness, which is the alignment and flow of your personal energy. When your energy is out of alignment, your physicality suffers and you experience pain—physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. This may also lead to a lack of boundaries with others and a feeling that there is more to life than what you see and feel.

Identifying and releasing blocks to your energy movement provides pain relief, clarity and insight that allows you to move forward and feel better. In addition to what you experience during your session, you will receive tools and practices* for use in your daily life, helping you learn what your unique energy feels like and how to manage it, while also learning how to stay anchored as you navigate other people’s energy. This work includes intuitive guidance and information, energetic scanning, Reiki, essentials oils chosen specifically for your session, breath work and visualization.

*Imagine yourself tuning in to a radio station (the station is you) and adjusting the dial until you have the clearest reception (alignment/connection in yourself). The static (past beliefs, feelings and circumstances) that you sometimes encounter is moved through, quickly and easily.

$130/person, 75 min.

  • February 2020