March 2019 Sailing

March 3-14, 2019, join us aboard the MSC Divina for eleven days of self-care, adventure, and community. Each cruise is unique, offering robust programming and activities led by renowned healers, professionals, and experts in plant-based living. Are you ready to create life affirming memories and set a lasting commitment to your holistic, plant-based lifestyle? If so, then it’s time to book with Holistic Holiday at Sea!

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World Class Presenters

Make your own schedule from our diverse roster of presentations, cooking classes, and workshops, as well as movement and wellness classes including yoga, Qigong, Pilates, mindful meditation, and one-on-one private coaching sessions! Our program is designed to rejuvenate, inspire, and keep you connected to your holistic lifestyle.

Dr. T. Colin Campbell

Author, The China Study

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

Author, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

Brenda Davis

Dietician, Author, Speaker

Exotic Ports of Call

Our March 2019 trip will include stops at exceptional ports with exciting excursion opportunities.

Colon, Panama

Cozumel, Mexico

Cartagena, Colombia

Benefits of a Vegan Lifestyle

The simple choice to eat plants improves our well-being in a remarkable number of ways. From disease prevention and reversal, to training for optimal physical performance, the vegan lifestyle and diet can be attributed to longevity and harmony with the outside world. We are proud to include the following plant-based luminaries in our lineup for our spring 2019 voyage, who can all speak to the overwhelming benefits of veganism.

Vegan Ethics & Activism

People choose veganism for a number of reasons, and one of the most compelling is to reduce suffering. Our next cruise will include several presenters who will explore what it means to eat with compassion. We’ve selected a group of exceptional world changers whose life work embodies compassion toward other beings, and who are using veganism as a vehicle for that compassion. They will present on how our food choices represent our values and commitment to creating a more peaceful world.

Movement & Mindfulness

If you are looking to sweat, move, or deepen your yoga and meditation practice, you’ll be delighted and heartened by the fitness, yoga, and meditation options aboard the MSC Divina. Holistic Holiday at Sea turns the cruise ship into a wellness retreat. Check out the schedule of movement and fitness classes planned for our next sailing!

Cooking Classes

Deepen your culinary know-how with renowned plant-based chefs throughout your holistic voyage! Whether you’re new to the vegan diet or a seasoned pro, our hands-on classes will empower you to cook delicious meals using creative, health-minded techniques and ingredients.