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Olympian Kendrick Farris & His Vegan Lifestyle

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Kendrick Farris at Olympics

(Photo courtesy of Kendrick Farris)

UPDATE 12/2/16: Due to his competition schedule, Kendrick will be unable to attend the 2017 Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise. 

Adopting a vegan diet can have a profound impact on your mind and body. And if you’re active in sports or physical activities, that change can make a huge difference to your level of performance. Athletes who exclusively eat plant-based meals report that they think more clearly and truly see an improvement in their abilities. Over the years, Holistic Holiday at Sea has welcomed many athletes and bodybuilders to our special lineup of panelists and presenters. For the 2017 Holistic Holiday at Sea, March 11–18, we are excited to announce that three-time Olympian Kendrick Farris will be joining us.

Weightlifting Since Age 11

Growing up in Shreveport, Louisiana, Kendrick (now 30) began weightlifting at age 11 and competing at age 12. He says he got serious about it during his senior year of high school.

After earning national titles in 2006 and 2007, Kendrick went on to take home first place titles in 2010 and 2016 Pan-American Championships. He also won first in the 2015 Pan-American Games. He placed 8th in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing and 10th in the 2008 Summer Olympics in London. Most recently, Kendrick competed in the 2016 Summer Olympics as the only male weightlifter on the US team.

While vegan weightlifters often make headlines for this seemingly surprising combination, the two lifestyles are actually very complementary. For Kendrick, going vegan wasn’t a tough decision to make.

Veganism Helps Promote a Healthier, Longer Life

In 2014, shortly after his second son Kingsley was born, Kendrick decided to go vegan. He shares, “My son’s birth gave me a new perspective on life. I wanted to make sure I was around to see him grow up, get married, have kids, etc. and the vegan lifestyle was the healthiest thing I could do for my body.”

Since then, Kendrick says, “I just feel better overall—spiritually, physically, and mentally.” Kendrick doesn’t adhere to a super strict diet or overthink it. “I just eat what I want. I am not one that counts calories and I am not extremely strict. I eat when I’m hungry, because meals are used for fuel for the body. I just make sure I know all the ingredients in the food I buy or ask questions if I am out to eat.”

Homemade Goodness

His wife Katrina cooks vegan meals at home every day. She says, “I don’t use vegan cookbooks necessarily. I mostly find vegetarian recipes from some of my favorite blogs and/or use family recipes and tweak them so they are vegan. For example, I would substitute bananas for butter called for in a baking recipe or plant-based cheese when cheese is called for.” Katrina’s favorite recipe of avocado quesadillas is coincidentally Kendrick’s favorite dish as well.

With food as his fuel, Kendrick spends 3–5 hours on his workout routine daily. On a typical day, Kendrick says his schedule is to wake up, pray, eat breakfast, take his son to school, go outside, read and meditate, workout, pick up his son, share dinner with his family, spend time with them after dinner, pray, and then go to bed.

When asked about what’s next, Kendrick says he wants to take care of his family. “I’m not sure where my journey will take me next, maybe to my 4th Olympic team and maybe another route. I’m not sure. Right now I’m just enjoying and making up for lost time with my friends and family. I will begin competing again in 2017 as this is the off-season for us right now, and I do not have any competitions scheduled.”

UPDATE 12/2/16: Due to his competition schedule, Kendrick will be unable to attend the 2017 Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise. 

An Interview with Shred It! Author & Vegan Athlete Robert Cheeke

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Vegan bodybuilder, motivational speaker and author, Robert Cheeke, has been considered one of VegNews Magazine’s most influential vegan athletes. A two-time natural bodybuilding champion, Robert lives in Austin, Texas, is the voice behind VeganBodybuilding.com, and will be joining us again on the March 2015 cruise. He’s also an Amazon.com best-selling author of the book Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness – The Complete Guide to Building Your Body on a Plant-Based Diet and has a new book out now called Shred It! Your Step-by-Step Guide to Burning Fat and Building Muscle on a Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet (also available as an ebook). The book is a dynamic mix of profiles, recipes, nutritional information, and, of course, exercises. We asked Robert a few questions about Shred It!



Featured Presenter: Jessica Porter

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We’re honored by the many experts, teachers, and speakers that will be joining us for the March 2015 cruise. To celebrate those voices, we’ll be running a short series of presenter interviews. A returning presenter on the 2015 cruise, Jessica Porter is the author of The MILF Diet and The Hip Chick’s Guide to Macrobiotics. She also collaborated with Alicia Silverstone on the New York Times number one bestseller, The Kind Diet. Jessica has been practicing macrobiotics since 1991, managed the Way to Health Program at the Kushi Institute in the mid-nineties, and has worked as a traveling macrobiotic cook. She is also a hypnotherapist and has created two hypnosis CDs for people practicing macrobiotics and one called HypnoParenting for the HypnoBirthing Institute.


Find out more about Jessica’s presentations on the 2015 Holistic Holiday at Sea Cruise.


Featured Presenter: Chef AJ

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We’re honored by the many experts, teachers, and speakers that will be joining us for the March 2015 cruise. To celebrate those voices, we’ll be running a short series of presenter interviews.


Devoted to a plant-based diet for over 36 years, Chef AJ is a chef, culinary instructor, professional speaker, and author. Chef AJ is author of the popular book Unprocessed: How to Achieve Vibrant Health and Your Ideal Weight. She holds a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University and is a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. Based in L.A. and never content to leave her audience with mere “just do it” advice, Chef AJ teaches how to create meals to transform your health, how to deal with cravings and food addiction, and how to address the emotional side of eating. Click here for a full list of Chef AJ’s classes.

1) When did you first realize that it’s important to prioritize your health?

On January 1, 2003, I woke up bleeding profusely. Turned out I had precancerous polyps in my colon. Even though I had been vegan for 26 years, I was eating a junk food vegan diet, not a healthy one. (more…)

Spotlight on 2014 Presenter Bryant Terry

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Interview  by Bianca Philips  ‘aka’  Crunk Master B of Vegan Crunk

I’ve only been on one cruise in my life with my parents and I took a cruise ship to Mexico a few years back. However, I’m sure I would just die of happiness if I could go on the Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise in March. It’s an ALL-VEGAN cruise with cooking demos by vegan celebrity chefs and lectures by the health guru greats.

This year’s cruise features Bryant Terry (the original crunk vegan!), T. Colin Campbell, Neal Bernard, Robert Cheeke, Chef AJ, Rich Roll, and so many more. From March 1st-8th, cruisers can listen to health talks, do yoga, and most importantly stuff themselves with delicious, healthy vegan food. And there are stops in San Maarten, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas. This is my dream vacation, y’all!

Out of all the presenters, I’d definitely be the most excited to see Bryant Terry.

Photo credit: Paige Greene

He’s a fellow Memphian (though he doesn’t live here anymore), and he’s been cooking up soul dishes for years. On the cruise, he’ll be cooking up some dishes from his new book, Afro-Vegan: Farm Fresh, African, Caribbean, & Southern Flavors Remixed.

I have an advance copy of his book (it hits shelves April 8th), and I’ll do a full review soon. But lemme tell ya: Like all of Bryant’s books, this one is jam-packed with awesome — Lemongrass Boiled Peanuts, Pumpkin-Peanut Fritters, Curried Corn and Coconut Rice, Fresh Corn Grits with Swiss Chard and Cherry Tomatoes. Yum!

Anyway, Bryant took a few minutes to dish about his new book and what he’ll be doing on the Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise.

Me: You have a new book, Afro-Vegan, coming out soon. Tell me a little about it.

Bryant: I’m really excited about Afro-Vegan. I feel like all my previous books were preparing me to write this one. I have a new publisher (Ten Speed Press), and this will be my first full-color, hardback book with lots of photos. A large part of my mission in writing Afro-Vegan is to put the ingredients, flavor profiles, and classic dishes of the African Diaspora into wider circulation. I know that folks are yearning for a vegan cookbook that is different than anything else out there, and this is it. Of course there is the political aspect of this book, similar to my others. Cookbook author Isa Chandra Moskowitz said, “If A People’s History of the United States andJoy of Cooking had a baby, Afro-Vegan would be it!” That’s about right. Most important, though, the food is yummy.

And that’s your fourth book, right?

Yep. My third book of which I am the lone author. My first book was co-authored with my friend Anna Lappe.

How has your Southern upbringing affected your style of cooking? 

My family owned farms in rural Mississippi and kept gardens in Memphis where I’m from, so I always had the tastiest local food that was grown, raised, and cooked by people I love. That’s what my cooking is all about, feeding my diverse group of family, friends, and fans vibrant and yummy plant-centered food that reflects my values around health, sustainability, compassion, and community building.

You seem to have a focus on using simple, fresh ingredients to create gourmet dishes, but soul food doesn’t always often tend to be very gourmet. What inspired you to take soul food and step it up a notch?

I don’t know if my cooking is gourmet; compared to many of my chef friends, I think that I cook like someone’s grandmother. But my grandmother used garden-fresh ingredients to make simple dishes, and they were always delicious and satisfying. That is what I strive to do with my recipes. When people talk about “soul food,” they are most often describing the comfort foods of African-American cuisine. My mission is to move people beyond soul food and help them discover the diversity and complexity of my ancestors’ food.

How did you get involved with Holistic Holiday at Sea? Is this your first time presenting on that cruise?

This is my second time teaching classes on the cruise. The first time I presented was in 2010. The organizers knew about my work and wanted me to bring my voice to the program. I had a ball. The food is AMAZING, the people are great, and it is a very rejuvenating working vacation for me.

Any idea what you’ll be making yet?

Tofu Curry with Mustard Greens; Sweet Potato and Lima Bean Tagine; Slow-Braised Greens; and Cinnamon-Soaked Wheat Berry Salad – all recipes from Afro-Vegan. 

What are you most looking forward to with the cruise?
Spending time on the ocean with my wife, exercising everyday, and eating.

Any other presenters that you’re dying to see?

I am excited to take a Qi Gong class with Marcus Gary!

What do you hope cruise-goers take away from your presentation?

I really hope that my presentations further extends farm-fresh, compassionate food to include foods of the African diaspora.

We are excited to have Bryant returning to the cruise this year and look forward to the amazing food he will be preparing and finding out more about “Afro Vegan”. Join us in March 2014 for our 11th voyage of this vegan extravaganza in the Caribbean! Bring someone who is interested in a great time, an opportunity to grow and a unique vegan travel experience where you can be around like minded compassionate folks! This is a traveling experience like no other.

Socialize, Rejuvenate, Grow

There’s something about shared travel that can connect people to a degree that few other experiences can. Perhaps the cause is the removal from regular life that lets us play in a way not possible during our day-to-day routine.  Conversations go further than they would with people seen every day.  Drinks and dances can last longer when there’s no work the next morning, but how to approach that initial moment of meeting? Holistic Holiday at Sea provides many opportunities to connect with other guests so you can delight in new encounters come March.Cruise Photos 3MP-96


Evening Events

The main social events happen each night, with possibilities ranging from a Welcome Cocktail Party to “Ice cream” or “Milk” and Cookies Socials.  Share a dance to the song stylings of Bridgette Kossor or share a cooking tip at the Daiya Vegan Pizza Party.

In coming weeks, we’ll tell the stories of couples that connected through the cruise.  If you want someone with whom to share the experiences, the Singles Social gives you the chance to write the next love story. After you hit it off with a lovely gentleman or lady, continue the conversation with a debate over the best Coconut Bliss flavor at the Bliss Vegan Ice Cream Social.

If an intriguing stranger catches your eye during the week, or an inspiring speaker raises a pressing question, you have one more chance to say hello at the Friday night Farewell Dance Party.

Cruise Photos 3MP-104


Physical and Mental Fitness Classes

Our lineup of fitness and spiritual practice sessions present another great way to meet folks.  Get out of your room and into rhythm at yoga with instructor Koya Webb.  Meet other morning people and start your day with peaceful smiles at Marcus Gary’s 5-Organ Qi Gong.  When you want a bit more motion, find your up-tempo comrades in “Exercise Your Core” with Rich Roll. Even if you prefer to keep to yourself during the class, the exercise endorphins may propel you to new social boldness upon completion!

Cruise Photos 3MP-165


Cooking Classes

If you’d rather let someone else do the sweating while you socialize, daily cooking demonstrations feature three new chefs bringing contagious energy along with their expertise. Join food justice activists wanting to taste the farm-fresh fixings of chef Bryant Terry; get healthy and happy through “Plant-based Comfort Foods” with Jessica Porter; or focus on sweets that serve the body while sharing treats at Chef AJ’s “Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth without Sugar, Oil or Gluten.”  Since the chefs do the cooking, there’s no risk of harming your new friendship with recipes gone awry.


Enduring Relationships

Merging travel and food offers the best of two wonderful worlds. The two come together throughout Holistic Holiday at Sea, whether at the dinner table or in a workshop.  It’s brought us great joy to witness how relationships formed on this common ground of health and healing often stay the course, despite the later challenges of time or distance. No matter where you return to after the cruise, you’ll have memories to treasure and new friends to share them with.


Join us in March 2014 for our 11th voyage of this vegan extravaganza in the Caribbean! Bring someone who is interested in a great time, an opportunity to grow and a unique vegan travel experience where you can be around like minded compassionate folks! This is a traveling experience like no other.



Integrative Relaxation – A Serene State of Wellbeing

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One of the most enjoyed and sought-after programs of the Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise are the Integrative Relaxation classes. Centered on optimizing your ability to experience blissful relaxation akin to deep, rejuvenating rest, Integrative Relaxation, also known as Yoga Nidra, allows for an emotional release of pain, both internally and externally. Offering intense benefits to your entire consciousness, this simple, easily adaptable tool, once properly learned, can quickly be applied to your daily routine once you’re back at home from your gorgeously luxurious vegan, macrobiotic cruise! By consistently utilizing and applying Integrative Relaxation to your everyday life, you’re initiating a state of comprehensive mental, physical and emotional relaxation that unfetters you from the damaging patterns of anxiety, tension and stress in your life. By combining ‘breath awareness’ with physical relaxation to boost your employment of intention, you will be calmly guided through a series of modest techniques practiced by either simply lying on the floor, or by sitting in a comfortable chair. With careful instruction, you will experience direct access to sound relaxation, a slow release from anxious, stressful mental patterns, constructive pain management and an overall sense of wellbeing. We’re proud to continue to have Chandrakant Hiester on board to guide our guests along the path to a happier, healthier life!

Introducing Chandrakant Hiester
As a senior teacher, as well as a seminar leader for the last seven years at the Amrit Yoga Institution in Salt Springs, Florida, Chandrakant Hiester’s experience and expertise has made him a national and international presence. A psychology graduate of Rutgers University and a well-seasoned specialist of the martial arts, Chandrakant’s passion lays in teaching Amrit Yoga, Amrit Yoga Nidra and various other yoga and stress-reducing practices, as well as preparing and leading professional training programs for those seeking to further the instruction of their wellbeing through yoga. Having studied under our very own Yoga Amrit Desai for over thirty years, Chandrakant has accumulated vast experience, providing him with powerful implementation programs centered on fostering and encouraging beneficial progression in understanding one’s behavioral practices and tuning them towards self-nurturing awareness.

Chandrakant’s involvement with the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health for more than two decades has been occupied in various roles. Acting as executive chef while overseeing the preparation of 500 to 700 vegetarian meals served to guests daily, Chandrakant has also acted as Yogi Desai’s personal chef for over twelve years having been trained to prepare true Indian cuisine from none other than Yogi Desai’s wife, Mataji!

Quiet Your Mind, Quiet Your Pain, and Enjoy Your Cruise!
Every morning Chandrakant leads his ‘Daily Morning Amrit Yoga Asana Sequence’ class, teaching the steps on how to bond with the true source, experience and purpose of yoga to unite with a timeless state of being. As practiced through the implementation of various yoga postures, Chandrakant guides the practitioner through simple poses, instructing how the body can be used as a means of transportation to wellbeing, fully activating the body and mind into stillness. By bringing the both the active and receptive energies of your body into balance, Chandrakant’s classes are designed to specifically tune your personal energy levels into the deepest meditative state possible. The quiet calm of Integrative Relaxation softens and depletes the pain caused from emotional and physical pain, reducing your bodily and mental ‘fight or flight’ response that keeps you on edge. From fear, depression, anxiety, insomnia and even high blood pressure, Chandrakant will teach you how to calm the active energies of your mind and implement serenity, introducing his personalized blend of veteran comprehension and concrete psychology, leading you along your way to an even more enjoyable cruise experience!

Taste of Health Holistic Holiday at Sea is more than a great vegan travel experience, it’s an opportunity to travel and stay healthy while pampering AND educating yourself with current events and trends in the vegan world. On our holistic cruise you will have the opportunity to eat divine meals, make new friends engage with some of the most celebrated personalities of the Vegan Industry. 2013 will mark the 10 year Anniversary of the Holistic Holiday at Sea and there will be tons of socials, great classes, amazing Caribbean ports and even a few surprises. Learning a new way of living has never been so much fun, so easy and so tasty!

Give Your Health the ‘Kickstart’ It Has Been Waiting For!

You’re invited to take part in an event that will not only change your entire perspective on what and how you eat, but will genuinely refurbish your entire life. With distinguished doctors, scientists, authors and specialists guiding you along various exciting avenues of health reformation and revitalization, you’ll not only be mentally engaged with well-founded knowledge, but also emotionally stimulated with inspiration and palpably awakened with delicious vegan food!

PCRM’s Kickstart Intensive, October 4th to the 6th, has been carefully designed to fully optimize your ability to learn about, progressively enhance, and embrace your health. With special attention paid towards the most current ubiquitous health issues, President of PCRM, Dr. Neal Barnard will present consolidated courses formulated to focus on how to break food addictions, maintain weight control, confront diabetes and cholesterol, why food is vital for cancer prevention and survival, as well as how foods affect brain health. Michael Greger, M.D., physician, author and Public Health Advocate, will present up-to-the-minute information circulating in nutritional science, and Founder of the Natural Kitchen Cooking School, Chef Christine Waltermyer, will provide demonstrations on easy-to-use techniques for your future cooking accomplishments. Representative Dennis Kucinich and Elizabeth Kucinich will be presenting effective how-to guidelines for following a healthy, plant-based diet while living your active life, both on the road and in public. And if you’re unsure about certain topics concerning your personalized plan for a healthier life, PCRM’s Susan Levin, Director of Nutrition Education, M.S., R.D., and Joseph Gonzales, R.D., look forward to warmly aiding you through your individualized apprehensions with constructive, scientifically-asserted advice.

PCRM’s preliminary Kickstart Intensive program is taking place in Washington, D.C. where participants will be able to sample the finest foods from various restaurants within our Nation’s Capital. Sessions will run from Thursday to Saturday, with welcomed participants receiving everything needed to initiate their revitalized, plant-based life!

Learn more and register now – www.pcrm.org/KickstartIntensive or call 202-527-7337

And, to take advantage of this special 10% discount, click here: http://support.pcrm.org/holistic_holiday.



Macrobiotics: Hundreds of Years of Wisdom

After digesting Ronald L. Peters MD, MPH’s article ‘Macrobiotics: The Ultimate Diet and Medical lessons from my Mother-in-Law‘, the doctor makes a clear statement explaining the naturally nutritional benefits of a macrobiotic diet. Dr. Peters not only offers a sense of necessity to the dietary lifestyle, but also a feeling of biological familiarity. The modification of the human diet throughout history has left us with a long banquet-table of food options, and some, needless to say, afford more valuable sustenance than others.

“Arising from the wisdom of many diverse cultures over hundreds of years, the macrobiotic principles are now merging with modern medical research to create convincing evidence for the best diet for mankind.”

Through studying the scientific basis for the progression of past to current-day dietary necessities for the human body, Peters has reasoned that modern, popular diet trends lack the longevity and insight accumulated within the macrobiotic lifestyle which has become increasingly bolstered by prominent figures in the medical field.

“But none of them stands on anything near the comprehensive epidemiologic research supporting The China Study, and none of them, except perhaps for the Paleolithic diet, is founded upon hundreds of years of ethnic and cultural wisdom as the macrobiotic diet.”

Specifically noted in Peters’ article are four of our valued presenters and progressive health-focused innovators – Dr Neal Barnard, Michio Kushi, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, as well as Dr. Dean Ornish. Facilitating the chronological advancement of macrobiotic studies, Peters describes how this purifying nutritional alignment, along with his specialized guidance, positively contributed to health improvement of his mother-in-law.

“She was a warm and delightful woman but she struggled to walk with her 230lb on a 5’ 3” frame. She had high blood pressure, diabetes, and chronic fatigue, popping seven medications every day. Fast forward six months and she weighed 170 lbs, having lost 60 lbs and her blood pressure was 125/70 and her fasting blood sugar was 75. She had stopped all her medications under my supervision as her diabetes and high blood pressure were gone. She was walking two to three miles daily without pain and sun tanning by the pool. She had been medically transformed by a low fat macrobiotic diet of whole grains, vegetables, beans, sea vegetables and more, lovingly prepared by my wife, Vesna, a macrobiotic counselor of 16 years.”

Alongside the substantial physical enhancements resulting from her devotion to the macrobiotic diet, Peters’ mother-in-law also experienced gradual emotional and mental equilibrium as well.

“Not only do most diseases gradually fade away as diabetes and high blood pressure did for my Mother-in-Law, but people experience greater mental clarity and emotional stability. Also, as people progress on the path of macrobiotics, they invariably notice that their body communicates to them and “tells” them what foods are best to eat.”

Outlining the 12 reasons to embrace a macrobiotic lifestyle, as observed in Simon G. Brown’s publication ‘Modern Day Macrobiotics,’ Peters calls for faithfulness to the scientifically proven, wholly beneficial qualities of macrobiotics, maintaining dietary simplicity, while still enjoying the fullness of flavor, as present in this culinary criterion.

“The macrobiotic diet is based on the foods eaten by the healthiest societies on earth and it has been used to reverse all types of disease. George Oshawa used macrobiotic principles to cure himself of tuberculosis in 1911 and then spread the word to Europe and America. Mishio Kushi popularized the healing power of whole foods in America. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and many other diseases have resolved using the macrobiotic philosophy, providing strong support for the ancient wisdom of Hippocrates who said, ‘Let food be by thy medicine.’”/

On the Holistic Holiday at Sea, macrobiotic meals will be available as well as gluten free and oil free menu options. This vegan travel experience promises to be like nothing else you will encounter in 2013.  This is a unique vacation where there is a community of like minded health conscious individuals, a plethora of menu options to dazzle your taste buds, activities to enliven your body and lectures, seminars and classes to ignite your mind. We look forward to seeing you!

Preventing Diabetes in a Society Driven by Sugar

Diabetes and obesity are two of the most discussed health issues at the moment. Medical, pharmaceutical, entertainment, wellness organizations, alternative medicine, cooking/culinary industries are all exploring, studying and yes, even exploiting these health issues. Everyday there is an article written, study done or book published on these health conditions facing the people of the good ol’ USA.

One of the biggest issues is sugar. Sugar is in everything and we love it. It’s hard to imagine the American diet without it. Sugar is so prevalent, people are overwhelmed and often are at a loss as to how they should go about cutting back. Plainly put, the statistics for diabetes in this country are nothing short of astounding. See for yourself.

Diabetes Statistics:

  1. Among U.S. residents ages 65 years and older, 10.9 million, or 26.9 percent, had diabetes in 2010.
  2. About 215,000 people younger than 20 years had diabetes—type 1 or type 2—in the United States in 2010.
  3. About 1.9 million people ages 20 years or older were newly diagnosed with diabetes in 2010 in the United States.
  4. Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, non-traumatic lower-limb amputations, and new cases of blindness among adults in the United States.
  5. Diabetes is a major cause of heart disease and stroke.
  6. Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States.
  7. In 2005–2008, based on fasting glucose or hemoglobin A1C (A1C) levels, 35 percent of U.S. adults ages 20 years or older had pre-diabetes—50 percent of adults ages 65 years or older. Applying this percentage to the entire U.S. population in 2010 yields an estimated 79 million American adults ages 20 years or older with pre-diabetes.


Health Experts Agree

One factor contributing to both of these conditions, that is agreed upon by all sources, is the intake of sugar. Some would lead you to believe that some forms of sugar are better than others to ingest. While this may be true to a degree, if you suffer from diabetes or obesity the message is pretty much the same…stay away from SUGAR! Check out this video with CNN’s Medical Correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta. He speaks with many health professionals and even has the sugar industry weigh in. It’s quite eye opening!

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This…

After watching that report you might be thinking of a life without any sweetness and you would be incorrect! We are happy to report that we will have the great fortune of having the host of PBS’s Christina Cooks, Christina Pirello giving lectures and teaching cooking classes on our next cruise. One of the lectures will be entitled “How Sweet it Isn’t”. In this lecture she will answer questions like “Is there a place in a healthy diet for sweet decadence?” and “Are we doomed to grimly endure our meals from the day we decide to adopt a healthy lifestyle?” Fortunately for us the answer is NO, and Christina Pirello is happy to provide us with useful information on sugar substitutes and how they differ. Here is a taste of the type of information she will offer…

Taste of Health Holistic Holiday at Sea is more than a great vegan travel experience, it’s an opportunity to travel and stay healthy while pampering AND educating yourself with current events and trends in the vegan world. On our holistic cruise you will have the opportunity to eat divine meals, make new friends engage with some of the most celebrated personalities of the Vegan Industry.  2013 will mark the 10 year Anniversary of the Holistic Holiday @ Sea and there will be lots of socials, great classes, amazing Caribbean ports and even a few surprises. Learning a new way of living has never been so much fun, so easy and so tasty!


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