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Archive for May, 2012

Top 10 Plant Based Protein Sources

Awesome Plant Based Proteins

One of the most common misconceptions about adopting and/or living a vegan lifestyle is that your intake of protein will vastly diminish, leading to a host of possible negative side effects including weight loss, lethargy, muscle soreness and deterioration, heart problems and stomach pain. It is frequently assumed that one’s most potent source of protein exists in meat and other animal products considering that ground beef is roughly 24% protein, with pork at around 27% and chicken breast at 35%. Interestingly enough, however, cooked animal proteins also prove to be difficult on the kidneys, produces inflammation in tissues, generally saturated in hormones and antibiotics if it’s not organic, is generally clotted and actually very hard to digest. On the bright and leafy side, there are many plant-based sources of protein that are absolutely free of any negative side-effects!

Powerful Vegan Protein Packers

In comparison to the previously mentioned protein percentages present in various animal meats, get ready to meet the plant powerhouses of protein – Spinach at 30% protein, broccoli at 45% and Spirulina , a micro-algae taken as a nutritional supplement, offers a whopping 68%! What are the other percentages made of, you might ask? Primarily the remaining matter consists of phyto-nutrients which battle diseases, including cancer, and vitamins and minerals. The residual percentages of the animal-based sources of protein are comprised of saturated fat, clearly recognized as health hazardous.

The Ten Titans of Plant Based Protein

So, let’s cut to the chase! We’ve established the facts about plant-based proteins, and now it’s time to be introduced to your new daily food staples:

–  Quinoa
–  Tempeh
–  Almonds
–  Blue-Green Algae
–  Hemp seeds
–  Sprouts
–  Pumpkin seeds
–  Dark leafy greens, i.e. kale, cabbage, parsley and spinach
–  Maca
–  Spirulina/Chlorella

Each of these sources offer varying amounts of high-potency protein, and are completely animal product-free. Some of these items may be less recognizable than others, such as Chlorella and blue-green algae. Chlorella is single-celled green algae which grows in fresh water under direct sunlight, optimizing high levels of chlorophyll, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, carotenoids, vitamin C, B-12 and protein! Blue-green algae refers to a vast group of simple, plant-like organisms which are high in protein, B-vitamins, and iron, and are cultivated in salt water and large fresh water lakes. Blue-green algae has also shown to help increase energy, improve memory, boost the immune system, lower cholesterol and help heal wounds.

The Proof is in the Plant

Of course, there are even more plant-based sources of protein that are not on this list. In fact, there are even plant-based protein powders, such as Vega, that are principally made of hemp, rice and pea-based protein. So, when you’re faced with the tediously common question of where you obtain your protein by living a vegan lifestyle, the response should be pretty lengthy. With a whole world of healthier, leaner and cleaner sources of plant-based protein, you should be sharing this gift of knowledge to those who simply have not yet seen the leafy light! On the Holistic Holiday at Sea in 2013, your exploration into botanical benefits during your vegan travel will have you aware and prepared for a healthy, successful plant-policy, not simply in sourcing protein, but on expanding your ability to cook effectively and in creating unbelievably tasty dishes, all without the need to utilize or harm another living being!





2012 Cruise Testimonial from Lisa S.

Dearest Jan, John and Sandy,

I am not sure where to begin my letter of thanks because since the cruise my life has changed in unbelievable ways.

As you know I work and cook in a friary (a monastery for Franciscan friars) some are elderly and very sick.  One of the friars, with a lung transplant, had a major emergency surgery while we were at sea. When I got back to Tampa I went from the airport to ICU and I have been at his bedside since then. I know how to pray but now, I was able to mediate – a beautiful gift I learned from Yogi Desai, one of the cruise presenters. Somehow this gave me new eyes. I saw sadness and sickness everywhere I looked. After the many lectures on the cruise I could see that much of the suffering if not all was due to bad nutrition and lifestyle. I could only wish that I knew about Macrobiotics a few years ago so that healing foods could have helped the friars.

I watched them pour chemical solutions into Father’s very sick body and saw him go through many painful procedures – it seemed the same scenario was going on in every room throughout the hospital. I love Father’s doctors and hospital staff and I am sure they do what they feel is best but there were no whole grains and very few greens offered on his food trays.  They actually have a MacDonald’s at the hospital. I was disheartened – but I made up my mind not to look back but to devote the rest of my days to help people in my life to heal naturally; and the wealth of knowledge that I learned on the cruise was the beginning.

Then an inspiration came, while at Father’s bedside, to offer to set-up and manage a vegan booth in the hospital food court. I was turned down. Then on Easter Sunday I went to a family picnic. My niece is married to a doctor – I had not seen them for 3 years. They asked what was going on in my life and I told them about all of the above.  The doctor said that he was a partner in 5 Florida Medical Clinics and that they were looking for a food service company. He asked me to come and see the facility.

I went on Thursday and expressed that I would love to give it a try but that I needed to be faithful to my principals – this would be more than a business venture but a calling and that I truly wanted to help people. He still asked if I would consider cooking some meat products. I said I was sorry but I could not – maybe this was not the venue for me. He said to send him a menu and he would be back in touch.

I just received a phone call from him tonight. He spoke with his boss who spoke with the CEO and they are both very interested in the concept! If all goes well I hope to call it “Caring Cafe” – it will provide a full vegan breakfast, lunch and a special Macro Healing Meal each day. The plan is that we will start with one, and who knows . . . there is a possibility of a “Caring Café” in all of the Florida Medical Clinics and beyond –

I live on a meager salary and have nothing to offer except my love and passion – I was told I needed only to request whatever is needed. How can I ever thank you for the many gifts and inspirations you’ve given me?  Impossible!!! All I have is a heart filled with gratitude and a humble thank you and a prayer to wish you every blessing in heaven and on earth for your kindness, generosity and for your many works and efforts to make the world a better place.

Sincerely…from the heart,
Lisa S.

The Vegan Martha Stewart Encourages a Compassionate Diet

Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.

John Muir (1838 – 1914)

Veganism as Compassion

Living with compassion is a beautiful and blossoming trend.  Children, celebrities and grandparents a like, are becoming more aware of the benefits of compassion. Almost every month there is a new non-profit organization popping up for folks to share and show their compassion for a multitude of causes.  However, having a vegan  diet is a different type of compassion.

A Motivated and Passionate Vegan

Colleen Patrick – Goudreau of Oakland, CA is known as the Compassionate Cook. She has been called the Martha Stewart of veganism by Skinny Bitch author Rory Freedman, who will also be a presenter on this year’s cruise. Colleen is also the author of The Joy of Vegan Baking.   She is an author and one of the most heralded vegan chef’s in the country.  Colleen has five published books to her credit, her message is about including the animals on this planet in the circle of life on a daily basis. On the Taste of Health Holistic Holiday at Sea 2013 she will provide healthful and mouthwatering cooking demonstrations, inspiring and informative lectures celebrating the benefits of a vegan diet, signing her books and providing motivation and support to those looking to adopt the vegan  diet, if they haven’t already.

Empower Your Compassionate Self

The cruise is a wonderful opportunity for one to get their vegan feet wet. Being a vegan is not just about compassion for animals it is about compassion for yourself.  Incorporating any level of a plant based diet is a simple and proven way to improve your health.

The Vegan Travel Experience

Taste of Health Holistic Holiday at Sea is more than a great vegan travel experience, it’s an opportunity to travel and stay healthy while pampering AND educating yourself with current events and trends in the vegan world. On our holistic cruise you will have the opportunity to eat divine meals, make new friends engage with some of the most celebrated personalities of the Vegan Industry.  2013 will mark the 10 year Anniversary of the Holistic Holiday @ Sea and there will be lots of socials, great classes, amazing Caribbean ports and even a few surprises.

Who Says Having a Vegan Diet Isn’t Sexy?

PETA just completed their annual Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door contest and of course the winners are sexy and by virtues of this contest, they are compassionate people. One of the things that is great about this contest is it reaffirms that healthy is beautiful. It is especially gratifying to read about what has inspired them to have a plant based diet.

Meet Vegetarian Beauty Tiana Rae

The female winner of the year Tiana Rae from San Jose, CA had a fabulous quote “Animals belong in our hearts and not in our stomachs”. Tiana has been responsible for a beauty pageant in Hong Kong to serve all of the contestants vegetarian meals. Not only is she beautiful, her compassion extends to her future career as a child development specialist. She has a cat named Chanel Genevieve Pumpkinseed!


Vegan Heat: No Animals were Harmed in the Making of this Body!

This year’s male winner is actually a Vegan! Zachary’s quote for the competition was “No animals were harmed in the making of this body”. His body definitely debunks any myths about not being able to obtain and maintain lean hard muscle with a vegan diet.  Zachary started out being vegetarian and moved into veganism after the influence of his job of working at a vegan restaurant in NYC.

He has a family history of diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure and says that his choice of having a vegan diet has helped him combat his hereditary health issues. Zachary is originally from Portland, Oregon and now lives in the eclectic borough of Brooklyn in NYC.

To read more about these plant based beauties go to the PETA.org website.

In Other Sexy Vegan News

This banned Super Bowl Commercial from PETA was all the buzz during Super Bowl XLIII! Let us know what you think of the use of the veggies in this video by commenting below. WARNING… the images in this video may shock, excite or disturb you!

Maybe you’ll meet the plant based beauty of your dreams on our vegan travel holiday!  We look forward to seeing you there helping us celebrate our 10th Year Anniversary!

10 Tips to Start a Plant Based Diet

We feel that the Holistic Holiday at Sea is one of the best steps you can take if you are considering adopting a plant based diet.

Here are 10 tips from www.veganfusion.com to help you on your plant based journey

1. Go slowly. It took years for you to develop your current eating habits. Many times when people do make drastic changes, they find themselves falling back to old ways when the going gets tough.

2. Create a plan. Take a look at where you are at and where you would like to be. You can approach this in several ways. You can commit to having one vegan day a week for a month. Then go up to two days a week the second month, three days a week on the third month…(you get the idea) until you arrive at your desired outcome. Make  the changes at a pace you are comfortable with.

3. Choose wisely. Remember the importance of feeling satisfied at every meal. Look for vegan alternatives that come close to the taste and texture of the foods you are craving. There are many plant based products on the market now that can make this a delicious transition for you.

4. Invite a friend. It definitely makes it easier to change your diet and lifestyle if you have some support. A friend can help with recipe ideas, sharing meal preparation, and of course provide words of encouragement when needed. You can also join a local vegetarian society or find websites on line. There are sites with discussion boards on every topic imaginable. Do a search for ‘vegan websites’ and you will be surprised at what you find.

5. Educate yourself. It’s extremely helpful for sticking to your convictions to learn about the full impact our food choices have upon our health and the health of our planet. Check out the following books for starters: Vegan Fusion World Cuisine, Diet for a New America by John Robbins (a big influence for many of the presenters on this year’s cruise, especially Colleen Patrick-Goudreau ), The China Study written by one of this year’s vegan cruise presenters Dr. T. Colin Campbell, and The World Peace Diet by a multiple vegan cruise presenter, Will Tuttle.

6. Consider your health. It is clear that many of today’s major illnesses such as heart disease, obesity and certain forms of diabetes can be avoided and reversed with plant based foods. All health organizations recommend increasing daily servings of fresh fruits and vegetables as a way to optimize health.

7. Preserve the planet. The facts are staggering when you compare the environmental impact of a plant-based diet with a meat based one. It takes a fraction of the water, land and other resources to produce a vegan meal

8. Go to the source. Its good to consider where the meal on your plate originated. Think about the farmers that grew the food. What methods do they use? Is the food organically grown? How far away are they and under what conditions was the food shipped? Asking these questions will lead you to a greener, more sustainable lifestyle.

9. Remember Babe. Many do not realize the conditions under which most factory farm animals live. Actor James Cromwell became a vegan while playing the character of Farmer Hoggett in the movie Babe after discovering the reality behind most meat production.  Whatever your personal beliefs, it’s true that we can make food choices that reduce suffering.

10. Take it easy. Please don’t beat yourself up if you find yourself falling back into old ways of eating. Simply accept and acknowledge that it takes time to retrain your body and mind to eat in new ways and remind yourself why you are exerting the effort. Stick to your plan as much as possible and have fun!

On our holistic cruise you will have the opportunity to eat divine meals, become educated on a wide variety of diet and health topics, make new friends and pamper yourself all at once. Taste of Health Holistic Holiday at Sea is more than a great vegan travel experience, it’s an opportunity to jump start a healthy lifestyle or stay on track with the one you already have. 2013 will mark the 10 year Anniversary of the Holistic Holiday at Sea and there will be lots of socials, great classes, opportunities for great yoga and body awareness, thought provoking lectures, dancing, amazing Caribbean ports and even a few surprises!

Escape the Cycle of Stress

A life bogged in the redundant mire of stress is a joyous life wasted. Too many of us peek open our eyes in the morning already awaiting a dark cloud, dreading various aspects of the unfolding day! We often get caught up in viewing our duties and responsibilities as burdensome chores rather than embracing them as beneficial challenges. Don’t shorthand yourself from fully blossoming into a conscientious awakening of the body and spirit – Investigate the silver lining with our healthy, vegan-friendly cruise!

Meet your ‘Mindful Meditation’ Mentor

Dr. Sharon Gutterman is offering an antidote to the pressures and psychological, and emotional, erosion from day-to-day stresses and past experiences with her class, “Mindful Meditation.” A motivating and compassionate psychologist, Dr. Gutterman will demonstrate how to utilize meditation to expand and heighten one’s awareness of self, and in doing so obtaining total wellness. Dr. Gutterman’s personal mantra, ‘The quality of care you give others is related to the quality of care you give yourself,’ directly relates to the intuitive value she places on managing stress-reduction and empowering individuals to positively alter their perspectives. Having participated in concerted Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR) professional training under the direction of Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D. and Saki Santorelli, Ed.D., completing the practicum at Center for Mindfulness, University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Dr. Gutterman has taught personal and professional stress reduction and development to physicians at the University of Connecticut, Yale and allied health professionals for over ten years. Dr. Gutterman correspondingly extends her teachings of mindfulness practices at various yoga centers, schools and related retreats.

Practice Makes Peace – Helpful Vegan Travel Experience

Bhante B Leading Guided Meditation on Holistic Holiday at Sea Cruise in 2009

As a globally acknowledged orator on the importance and power of well-being through mindfulness, Dr. Gutterman assimilates the experiences of life with a dedication to learning and spiritual expansion. She offers a distinctive intermingling of integrity through finely acquired knowledge, thoughtfulness and compassion without losing the ability to find humor in life’s workings. While incorporating the practices of sitting and walking meditation, gentle yoga, informative discussions concerning mindful eating and communication, the ‘Mindful Meditation’ class will allow you to experience the benefits of living in the present by calming your mind and opening new neural pathways. In honing your renewed sense of well-being while on our vegan cruise travel adventure, you will heighten your ability to handle stressful anxieties and appreciate life’s day-to-day gifts.

Be at Ease in the Breeze on our Healthy, Vegan Cruise

We’d like to start putting your worries to bed early! If you have never once participated in any form of meditation, or if you incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine, this class will meet you at your specific stage in life, no matter where that point may be. And what better way to totally regenerate your life than by embarking on the Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise! While dining on mindful, conscientious, and not to mention absolutely delicious, vegan and macrobiotic food, your vegan travel adventure allows you to experience progressive new worlds of health awareness through a variety of exciting classes and activities, and you’ll make lasting relationships with your new network of like-minded friends!

Join us on this vegan travel journey!

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